Paul Teoh “DingZhu88” ships the Short Deck Championships; recaps for Events 42-44; $250K GTD APT Championships up next

Day 9 of the inaugural APT Online Series hosted at GG Network Natural8 witnessed the rise of another featured event champion. Malaysia’s Paul Teoh “DingZhu88″ triumphed over the 132 runners of the Short Deck Championships to ship $ 10,786.14. Congratulations to DingZhu88 and all the winners of the day! We have those events recapped for you including Day 1 of Event 40: Monster Stack. 

The series has been running since April 29 with the final games offered on May 10. Nearly $ 2.8 million has been paid out and more to be won. Three days remain along with 15 games to conquer. The last featured event is the $ 250K GTD APT Championships running from May 8 to 10. Five flights are offered. Buy in is $ 800. 

Championships – $ 250,000 guarantee

  • May 8 to 10
  • $ 800 buy in
  • 5 flights offered 
  • 180 minutes late registration, 90 minutes for Flight E Turbo
  • Final day on May 10 @20:00 (HKT)

LIve updates on the final day. The final table will stream live in three stations:

Kosei Ichinose Twitch TV
Hong Kong Poker Players Association (HKPPA) YouTube channel

See the APT Online Series schedule for all the details. For newcomers, sign up at Natural8.

APT Player of the Series 

For the third consecutive day, Main Event champion DblBarrel leads the APT Player of the Series leader board. Multi winners fish3098 and tikkipokka trail very close behind followed by Mini Main Event champion Turbo Pete and double winner readytoship. Short Deck Championships winner – DingZhu88 – is ranked 15th and PLO Championships winner – Phachara W – in 29th position. 

View standings here —> APT Player of the Series

Full results —–> Event Results

Featured: Short Deck Championships – Paul Teoh “DingZhu88” – $ 10,786.14

The fourth featured event of the series – Short Deck Championships – took six hours to complete. Claiming the title was Malaysian player Paul Teoh username DingZhu88 for $ 10,786.14. The one day event attracted 132 entries to nearly double up the $ 25K guarantee. It settled at $ 49,368 with 20 paid. 

Flush for the win

Buy in: $ 400
Guarantee: $ 25,000
Entries: 132
Prize pool: $ 49,368
ITM: 20

Read up on the action via our Live Updates. You can also watch the final table race via our official channels:

Kosei Ichinose Twitch TV
Hong Kong Poker Players Association (HKPPA) YouTube channel


Before the bubble burst, ANGSTMAN doubled up through GGPoker player ZamazkaTV then entered the bubble round as one of the leaders. After several shoves with no bust, ANGSTMAN sent the hatchet down on shorta222 with pocket queens to ace-jack. 

Bubble bursts!

Once the money was certain, it was a knockout spree as players dropped fast in succession. The final table was formed at the fall of BIG CHI to teodeptrai. 

The final table set off with ANGSTMAN in the lead however it was teodeptrai who put the pressure on with numerous uncalled shoves. teodeptrai was eventually called by shorter stacked DingZhu88 whose A J held against K Q. This sent DingZhu88 zooming to second rank. teodeptrai resumed the shoving spree, cracked ANGSTMAN’s aces for a double up, but was guttered by WinEasy whose aces held up against tens.

ANGSTMAN sent cavallo out next leaving three players fairly even stacked. On the first showdown, DingZhu88 doubled up through ANGSTMAN. Both players faced off twice more wherein ANGSTMAN doubled up then crashed out in 3rd place with DingZhu88 tabling quads. 

Heads up arrived with DingZhu88 ahead 4:1 making it a difficult climb for WinEasy. Despite finding success on the first all in called, WinEasy was railed in 2nd place. Both players had king-jack off suit, the board produced four diamonds, DingZhu88 had a K to ship it. 

Final table payouts

1st DingZhu88 – $ 10,786.14
2nd WinEasy – $ 7,998.79
3rd ANGSTMAN – $ 5,931.79
4th cavallo – $ 4,398.94
5th teodeptrai – $ 3,262.19

Event 40: Monster Stack update

The two day Monster Stack event proved once again that it is a crowd favorite both live and online. For the third installment, 231 registered across two flights to amass over double the guarantee. One flight remains. It takes place on May 8 at 16:00 (HKT). The final day starts on the same day at 19:00 (HKT). 

Flight A: 36 advanced out of 103 entries
Flight B: 46 advanced out of 128 entries

Buy in: $ 300
Guarantee: $ 30,000
Cumulative Entries: 231
Cumulative Prize pool: $ 64,695.50
Final Day qualifiers: 82

Top 10 players

Event 42: Short Deck – sgtPiet – $ 3,308.51

It took a quick four and a half hours to bring the 178 entry field down to 1. Sitting at the top was sgtPiet for $ 3,308.51 and a first APT Online Series title and Trophy. 

Winning hand

Buy in: $ 100
Guarantee: $ 5,000
Entries: 178
Prize pool: $ 16,643
ITM: 31 places

At the formation of the final table, sgtPiet was in possession of over half the chips in play. Fast action followed with hugs4drugs railing Goldig (5th), sgtPiet booting lastonemile (4th), hugs4drugs ending LiuTzuYun168 (3rd), all within thirty minutes. 

Heads up opened with sgtPiet up 3:1. Fifteen minutes in, the ailing hugs4drugs doubled up. Another fifteen minutes later, sgtPiet closed it out with A 6 straight to A 9 on a board Q K 9 7 8

Final table payouts

1st sgtPiet – $ 3,308.51
2nd hugs4drugs – $ 2,450.41
3rd LiuTzuYun168 – $ 1,814.97
4th lastonemile – $ 1,344.31
5th Goldig – $ 995.70

Event 43: No Limit Hold’em Freeze Out – Rollpounder – $ 6,196.95

The No Limit Hold’em Freeze Out was the last to complete with Rollpounder and The Pokermon striking a deal then flipping for it. Rollpounder was awarded the win while The Pokermon received a slightly larger pay. 

Buy in: $ 200
Guarantee: $ 10,000
Entries: 192
Prize pool: $ 35,904
ITM: 31 places

Final table

It was an action packed race to the finish with Rollpounder slashing an incredible six players along the way. First out was jilianyan23 (9th), railed by yellowfish888. The next eight called shoves were up against Rollpounder.

Rollpounder booted Cozybear84 (8th), doubled up Crocodildo and Yummers, eliminated Crocodildo (7th), doubled up The Pokermon, railed Yummers (6th), downed HelloGG1 (5th) to hoard two-thirds of the chips in play, then doubled up yellowfish888. yellowfish888 went on to deny LuckMax18 (4th) but fell after to Rollpounder in 3rd place. 

At heads up Rollpounder had a substantial lead over ThePokermon however after losing two showdowns, The Pokermon edged by a very small amount and a deal was struck. From there, both flipped for the title. 

Final table payouts

1st Rollpounder – $ 6,196.95 (deal)
2nd The Pokermon – $ 6,226.59 (deal)
3rd yellowfis888 – $ 3,915.44
4th LuckMax18 – $ 2,900.08
5th HelloGG1 – $ 2,148.03
6th Yummers – $ 1,591
7th Crocodildo – $ 1,178.42
8th Cozybear84 – $ 872.83
9th jilianyan23 – $ 646.49

Event 44: NLH Turbo – rapid11 – $ 3,770.94

The NLH Turbo fueled in another big field with 448 runners. Eliminations were fast. In just two and a half hours, the winner emerged with rapid11 knocking out four players at the final table. rapid11 shipped $ 3,770.94 along with an APT Trophy via mail 

Buy in: $ 50
Guarantee: $ 10,000
Entries: 448
Prize pool: $ 20,994
ITM: 71 places

Catching the action at eight handed with a3ton81 putting the hurt on HardCarry (8th). As quick as it came, a3ton81 lost a portion to GGPoker player Mikhail Semin and Lllokoladka. Mikhail Semin landed a second double up through dalyc the rapid11 booted Nalra (7th). 

dalc made up some chips by railing Cheers! (6th). rapid11 booted a3ton81 (5th) followed by Mikhail Semin (4th), and Lllokoladka (3rd). 

Up nearly 3:1 against dalyc, rapid11 continued the streak, finishing off dalyc in just a minute of heads up action. 

Final table payouts

1st rapid11 – $ 3,770.94
2nd dalyc – $ 2,763.76
3rd Lllokoladka – $ 2,025.83
4th Mikhail Semin – $ 1,484.92
5th a3ton81 – $ 1,088.44
6th Cheers! – $ 797.83
7th Nalra – $ 584.80
8th HardCarry – $ 428.66
9th Alpha0217w3 – $ 314.20