Day 8 results: Myron Pereira, Taliwabang Jamir, Jayan Ravindra Deshmukh, Gaurav Sharma, and Unnikrishnan Nair win events

The final day of APT India Online Series 2022 was a smasher with six tournaments filling everyone’s plate. The MAIN EVENT drew the largest crowd of 919 entries with Amar “kidpoker0109” Mehta hoisting up the trophy and championship ring. We’ve got that story for you via the link provided. 

Main Event recap

At the side events, four players walked away as first time APT champions while Myron “priyankAAchoprAA” Pereira captured his second ever APT career win. Here are the final winners of the series Congratulations to all! 

APT #38: 5-Max Turbo – MYRON “priyankAAchoprAA” PEREIRA – IN₹ 1,71,801 (~US$ 2,304)

The final day festivities opened with the short handed 5-Max Turbo tournament with 300 players pouring in plus 306 re-entries for a towering 606 total entries. With buy in at IN₹ 1,650 each, it more than breached the 7L guarantee for a larger IN₹ 9,09,000 prize pool.  Myron “priyankAAchoprAA” Pereira overcame a 6:1 deficit at heads up against Jayjit “england” Ray to claim the IN₹ 1,71,801 first prize and his second ever APT win. 

Briefly recapping the final table action, Ray entered as chip leader and proceeded to rail the next three players, “monk5555” (5th), “gaurav3194” (4th), and Priyank “Piko1432” Kothari (3rd). Ray carried in a 6:1 chip lead into heads up against Pereira. The first all in saw Pereira 5 8 push on a completed board J 10 7 5 8, Ray tank-called with 6 10 for a winning two pair to Pereira. With a healthy stack built, Pereira grinded to reach par and from there it was a tug-of-war for the chip lead. About even in stacks, Pereira sent Ray down to pennies with A Q over A 4 then took it down on the next hand. 

Date:  February 6
Buy in: IN₹ 1,650 (~US$ 22)
Guarantee: IN₹ 7 Lakhs (~US$ 9,336)
Entries: 606 (300 uniques, 306 re-entries)
Prize pool: IN₹ 9,09,000 (~US$ 12,125)
ITM: 72 places 

Final table payouts

1st Myron “priyankAAchoprAA” Pereira – IN₹ 1,71,801
2nd Jayjit “england” Ray – IN₹ 1,20,000
3rd  Priyank “Piko1432” Kothari – IN₹ 77,450
4th “gaurav3194” – IN₹ 57,360
5th “monk5555” – IN₹ 42,990

APT #39: Monster Stack – TALIWABANG “Meverick” JAMIR – IN₹ 2,28,908 (~US$ 3,067)

Taliwabang “Meverick” Jamir captured his first ever APT win at the Monster Stack event after outlasting the 540 entry field to turn his IN₹ 2,750 buy in into a sweeter IN₹ 2,28,908 payout.

The race heated up at three handed with Jamir, Harsh “harsh1327” Bubna, and Goonjan “gmtesting”Mall taking turns up top. Jamir widened his lead in a hand against Mall with J J rivering a full house on a board A 6 Q A J to dust 4 A trips. Despite the loss, Mall was still fairly healthy with 18 bb, but not for long. Mall proceeded to lose it all to Bubna. On a flop 2 6 9, both players were all in. Bubna’s 5 4 flush cracked Mall’s K K when the board completed 4 turn and 5 river. 

Bubna entered heads up with a slight edge over Jamir. Both players were soon all in on a flop 8 10 2, Jamir had top pair 10 3, Bubna 5 5, the turn was A and river J for a massive scoop for Jamir. Bubna dropped to barely a blind and was put out of his misery shortly after. 

Date: February 6
Buy in: IN₹ 2,750 (~US$ 37)
Guarantee: IN₹ 10 Lakhs (~US$ 13,338)
Entries: 540 (265 uniques, 275 re-entries)
Prize pool: IN₹ 13,55,000 (~US$ 18,070)
ITM: 63 places

Final table payouts 

1st Taliwabang “Meverick” Jamir – IN₹ 2,28,908
2nd Harsh “harsh1327” Bubna – IN₹ 2,30,000
3rd Goonjan “gmtesting”Mall – IN₹ 1,22,000
4th Millind “ulimpiraise” Satam -IN₹ 90,070
5th Tanmay “truman” Benara – IN₹ 67,550
6th Gaurav “zillastar” Bhandari – IN₹ 54,210
7th Harsh Kumar “100crdream” Dembla – IN₹ 45,170
8th “gabru1410 – IN₹ 36,000

APT #40: PKO –  JAYANT “daditya007” DESHMUKH – IN₹1,05,000 (~US$ 1,406)

The PKO event pulled in 238 hunters plus 162 re-entries for 400 total entries. Keeping his head afloat was Jayant Ravindra “daditya007” Deshmukh for his first ever APT win and second series cash. Deshmukh pocketed the IN₹1,05,000 first prize and a significant amount of bounty rewards to add to his previous day’s earnings of IN₹ 43,520. 

Deshmukh faced off against the steamrolling Vinayak “salmanbhai” Bajaj at heads up. Bajaj railed “cooludit23” (5th), Anish “PapaNegreanu” Arora (4th), and Vishal “Darky” Ojha (3rd), to carry in a 5:1 advantage. On the first hand, Deshmukh landed a fast double up with A 8 dominating 9 8, then scooped up another one five minutes later to take the lead holding 5 5 against A 4 that missed the board. The final hand showdown soon arrived with Deshmukh’s Q J spiking the jack on the turn to dust A 9 on a board 7 5 4 J 8

Date: February 6
Buy in: IN₹ 1,650
Guarantee: IN₹ 5 Lakhs (~US$ 6,670)
Entries: 400 (238 uniques, 162 re-entries)
Cash prize pool: IN₹ 4,00,000 (~US$ 5,360) 
Bounty pot: IN₹ 2,00,000 (~US$ 2,680)
ITM: 45 places 

Final table payouts (bounties not included)

1st Jayant Ravindra “daditya007” Deshmukh – IN₹ 1,05,000
2nd Vinayak “salmanbhai” Bajaj – IN₹ 73,500
3rd Vishal “Darky” Ojha – IN₹ 47,250
4th Anish “PapaNegreanu” Arora – IN₹ 35,000
5th “cooludit23” – IN₹ 26,250
6th “bisu4444” – IN₹ 21,000
7th Gautam “rabbithunter” Kaul – IN₹ 17,500
8th Sameer “Killersam” Tavanandi – IN₹ 14,000

APT #42: Megastack – GAURAV “kingkgr123” SHARMA – IN₹ 3,18,680 (~US$ 4,270)

First time winner emerged at the final Megastack event with Gaurav “kingkgr123” Sharma defeating Mayank “Newsolidcash” Maruka at heads up. The pair struck an ICM deal that ensured the higher payout to Sharma. Shortly after they were all in on a flop of 7 J Q, Sharma dominated with K Q over Q 2. The turn 10 sealed the win. This was Maruka’s second runner up finish having also missed the win by one spot at the Day 6 KO event. 

Date: February 6
Buy in: IN₹ 3,300 (~US$ 45)
Guarantee: IN₹ 15 Lakhs (~US$ 20,000)
Entries: 637 (332 uniques, 305 re-entries
Prize pool: IN₹ 19,11,000 (~US$ 25,600)
ITM: 72 places

1st Gaurav “kingkgr123” Sharma – IN ₹3,18,680 (deal reached) 
2nd Mayank “Newsolidcash” Maruka – IN₹ 2,96,000 (deal reached)
3rd Anurag “13anurag” Srivastava – IN₹ 1,63,000
4th Raghavenda Singh “ThikanaCK” Hada – IN₹ 1,21,000
5th Punya “madhumangal” Prabha – IN₹ 90,390
6th Karan “Apocalypto” Radia – IN₹ 72,430
7th Madhur “mk1993” Kapoor – IN₹ 60,390
8th Rishab “ryuk” Malik – IN₹ 48,160

APT #43: Afterparty – UNNIKRISHNAN “TigerGemini1974” NAIR – IN₹ 2,410,110 (~US$ 3,217)

Last chance to win an APT event was at the Afterparty where a large crowd of 650 turned up (341 uniques, 309 re-entries) to try their luck. This more than exceeded the 10L guarantee. The top 81 places earned a piece of the IN₹ 13,00,000 prize pool. The event completed in just under eight hours with Unnikrishnan “TigerGemini1974” Nair taking it down.

On his quest, Nair mowed down the last three players, Vaibhav “WakhraSwagNi” Sharma (4th), Mandar “MAMA04” Madaye (3rd), and “SiddharthRajan” (2nd) for his first ever APT victory. The final hand was Nair Q A, “SiddharthRajan” 7 7, the board ran 4 5 8 Q K

Date: February 6
Buy in: IN₹ 2,200 (~US$ 30)
Guarantee: IN₹ 10 Lakhs (~US$ 13,338)
Entries: 650 (341 uniques, 309 re-entries)
Prize pool: IN₹ 13,00,000 (~US$ 17,416)
ITM: 81 places

1st Unnikrishnan “TigerGemini1974” Nair – IN₹ 2,40,110 
2nd “SiddharthRajan” – IN₹ 1,68,000
3rd “MAMA04” – IN₹ 1,09,000
4th “WakhraSwagNi” – IN₹ 80,21,000
5th Arsh “Button_Hai_Bro” Grover – IN₹ 60,06,000
6th Atul “atulkhurana” Khurana – IN₹ 48,49,000
7th “mrpervert” – IN₹ 40,17,000
8th Anish “PapaNegreanu” Arora – IN₹ 31,98,000