Day 7 results: Akshay Nasa claims trophy at PLO-5; Suchismita Das, Raghavenda Hada, Mohammad Azhar, Shekhar Meena win events

The penultimate day of APT India Online Series 2022 awarded another five players. Decorated pro Akshay “sherlock52” Nasa lifted the trophy at the featured PLO-5 High Roller tournament while  Suchismita “su2020” Das, Shekhar “ghatak007” Meena, Raghavenda Singh “ThikanaCK” Hada, and Mohammad Azhar “chandlerbing” Tak won side events. Congratulations to all the winners! 

After seven thrilling days in the bag, the series is now on its final day at online partner On tap are six tournaments highlighted by the MAIN EVENT 1 Crore guaranteed. In addition to a large first prize awaiting the champion, the APT Main Event Trophy and APT Championship Ring are up for grabs. Registration is open. Buy in is IN₹ 11,000. Live updates will be up and running for this event. 

Last events of the series

APT India Online Series 2022 schedule 

Day 7 results

APT #35: PLO-5 High Roller – AKSHAY “sherlock52” NASA – IN₹ 5,50,602 (~US$ 7,345)

The PLO-5 High Roller attracted some of the country’s biggest names with 234 ponying up the  IN₹ 11,000 buy in to generate a guarantee crushing IN₹ 23,40,000 prize pool. At the seventh hour a star studded final table was formed, and after just one hour of heavy slugging, Akshay “sherlock52” Nasa clinched it for his first win in this series. He pocketed IN₹ 5,50,602 and lifted his second ever APT Trophy. Nasa is one of India’s fast rising players with a few live wins under his name that included an APT Ho Chi Minh Main Event title back in 2019. 

Recapping the final table, it kicked off with anonymous player “bozo” as chip leader. Nasa railed Gurupasad “fish_calling” Gupta (6th) with quads Nines over two pair. Day 1 6-Max champion Nitin “Gambler42” Rawat was stopped in 5th place by the leader “bozo”, followed by last edition’s Main Event champion Subhayan “arjun100” Das falling in 4th place when his aces were easily cracked by Nasa’s full house. While Nasa was on the rise, “bozo” went on a ping pong match against two time series champion Ashish “rocky3705” Ahuja that led to the fall of Ahuja in 3rd place with a straight besting top two pair. 

Heads up ignited with Nasa ahead 3:1, bozo won the first pot to tighten the gap but ultimately could not catch up to the leader. Nasa dominated the action to rise to a massive 17:1 advantage. After bozo battled valiantly to bring it down to 5:1, the last hand arrived. Nasa shipped it with 7 A Q Q 7 higher flush over 7 6 9 K A on a board 2 3 K 9 8

Date: February 5
Buy in: IN₹ 11,000 (~US$ 148)
Guarantee: IN₹ 20 Lakhs (~US$ 26,675)
Entries: 234 (117 uniques, 117 re-entries)
Prize pool: IN₹ 23,40,000 (~US$ 31,210)
ITM: 27 places

Final table payouts

1st Akshay “sherlock52” Nasa – IN₹ 5,50,602
2nd “bozo” – IN₹ 3,86,000
3rd Ashish “rocky3705” Ahuja – IN₹ 2,49,000
4th Subhayan “arjun100” Das – IN₹ 1,84,000
5th Nitin “Gambler42” Rawat – IN₹ 1,38,000
6th Gurupasad “fish_calling” Gupta –  IN₹ 1,10,000

APT #33: Frenzy – SUCHISMITA “su2020” DAS – IN₹ 96,600 (~US$ 1,288)

The Frenzy 4L GTD event opened Day 7 and it was the first time the format allowed for add-ons. It resulted in 188 uniques, 175 re-entries, and 53 add-ons. The top 24 players got paid with champion Suchismita “su2020” Das earning the largest cut worth IN₹ 96,600. This was Das’ first ever APT victory, defeating the more decorated Aditya “adit11” Kulkarni at heads up.

Date: February 5
Buy in: IN₹ 880 (~US$ 12)
Guarantee: IN₹ 4 Lakhs (~US$ 5,335)
Entries: 416 (188 uniques, 175 re-entries, 53 add-ons)
Prize pool: IN₹ 4 Lakhs
ITM: 24 places

Final 8 payouts

1st Suchismita “su2020” Das – IN₹ 96,600
2nd Aditya “adit11” Kulkarni – IN₹  67,720
3rd Jayant Ravindra “daditya007” Deshmukh – IN₹ 43,520
4th “Suveerprasad” – IN₹ 32,240
5th Kuldeep “don_31” Kumar – IN₹ 24,200
6th “Aarvi” – IN₹ 19,360
7th “unknownwlf” – IN₹ 16,080
8th “salazar666” – IN₹ 12,880

APT #34: 5L GTD – SHEKHAR “ghatak007” MEENA – IN₹ 93,633 (~US$ 1,250)

The 5L GTD tournament hauled in a sizable 450 total entries however it still resulted in an overlay of IN₹ 50K. Just over five hours of play, Shekhar “ghatak007” Meena bulldozed through the final table, eliminating a stunning five players to capture the win. Meena railed Amol “nimssy” Nimsarkar (7th), Kritagya “Kritagya_17” Sharma (5th), “Sarveshshahni” (4th), “yamaying” (3rd), then “vijaysoni7174” at heads up. 

This was Meena’s first APT victory and it came with a IN₹ 93,633 ICM payout deal. The final hand saw “vijaysoni7174” 9 J push mid pair on a flop K 9 6, Meena called with 4 10 flush draw, the turn 3 was no help to the drawing hand but the river Q was the money card that sealed the win.

Date: February 5
Buy in: IN₹ 1,100 (~US$ 15)
Guarantee: IN₹ 5 Lakhs (~US$ 6,670)
Entries: 450 (236 uniques, 214 re-entries)
Prize pool: IN₹ 5 Lakhs
ITM: 54 places

Final table payouts

1st  Shekhar “ghatak007” Meena – IN₹ 93,633 (deal reached)
2nd “vijaysoni7174” – IN₹ 77,320 (deal reached)
3rd “yamaying” – IN₹ 45,300
4th “Sarveshshahni” – IN₹ 33,500
5th Kritagya “Kritagya_17” Sharma – IN₹ 25,150
6th Aditya “LeoBazooka1897” Pandita – IN₹ 20,150
7th Amol “nimssy” Nimsarkar – IN₹ 16,800
8th Rajneesh “msdhoni” Thakur – IN₹ 13,400

APT #36: Superstack – Mohammad “chandlerbing” Azhar – IN₹ 3,34,530 (~US$ 4,468)

The Superstack was the longest running event of the day as it clocked in at nearly 8.5 hours. This was due to its high demand with a roaring 590 turning up (292 uniques, 298 re-entries). The 15L guarantee was also obliterated for a richer IN₹ 17,70,000 prize pool. The race came down to the final three players, Sahil “bluffme19” Chutani, Mohammad Azhar “chandlerbing” Tak, and Aditya “orlsrdb” Patil, all three taking turns up top. 

After Azhar railed Vijay in 3rd place with A A crushing A Q, he entered heads up backed by a 5:1 advantage. A hard hitting ten minute battle followed against Chutani with the leader keeping his nose well out front. The final hand saw Chutani push his 20 bb stack holding A 9, Azhar had J J, the board came 7 4 6 K 10. Azhar shipped his first ever APT win, turning his IN₹ 3,300 buy in into a sweeter IN₹ 3,34,530 payday. Also running well in this event was Day 5 Monster Stack champion Aditya “orlsrdb” Patil in 5th place.

Date: February 5
Buy in: IN₹ 3,300 (~US$ 45)
Guarantee: IN₹ 15 Lakhs (~US$ 20,000)
Entries: 590 (292 uniques, 298 re-entries)
Prize pool: IN₹ 17,70,000 (~US$
ITM: 72 places

Final table payouts

1st Mohammad “chandlerbing” Azhar – IN₹ 3,34,530
2nd Sahil “bluffme19” Chutani – IN₹ 2,35,000
3rd Dishani “Dishvish” Vijay – IN₹ 1,51,000
4th Vishal “Darky” Ojha – IN₹ 1,12,000
5th Aditya “orlsrdb” Patil – IN₹ 83,720
6th Raghav “scambrahm” Ananth – IN₹ 67,080
7th “Snoodogg23” – IN₹ 55,930
8th Arun “vazharmorghulis” Sriram – IN₹ 44,600

APT #37: 6-Max Turbo – RAGHAVENDA SINGH “ThikanaCK” HADA – IN₹ 1,77,589 (~US$ 2,370)

The 6-Max Turbo continued to be an evening favorite with 325 players thundering in and 316 re-entering for 641 total entries. Once again it crushed the guarantee for a sweeter IN₹ 9,61,500 prize pool. A long list of 81 players took a share with the largest portion amounting IN₹ 1,77,589 awarded to Raghavenda Singh “ThikanaCK” Hada for his victory.

For most of the final table Abhishek “abbie1987” Batra dominated the action until the momentum shifted when Hada won a three way showdown with quads threes (pictured above). Hada carried in a 2.5:1 heads up advantage against Batra and kept it intact throughout. The final hand saw both players all in on the river 7 7 3 10 6; Batra had K 10 two pair, Hada turned up a victorious A 7 trips.

Date: February 5
Buy in: IN₹ 1,650 (~US$ 22)
Guarantee: IN₹ 6 Lakhs (~US$ 8,000)
Entries: 641 (325 uniques, 316 re-entries)
Prize pool: IN₹ 9,61,500 (~US$ 12,820)
ITM: 81 places

Final table payouts 

1st Raghavenda Singh “ThikanaCK” Hada – IN₹ 1,77,589
2nd Abhishek “abbie1987” Batra – IN₹ 1,25,000
3rd “romeo333” –  IN₹ 80,280
4th Nitin “philhermouth” Arora – IN₹ 59,320
5th Anshul “Bags05” Bagai – IN₹ 44,420
6th Siddarth “Siddonuts” Pandey – IN₹ 35,860