Daniel Tang ships the Monster Stack 1 opener and sets the pace of the APT Player of the Series race

The Monster Stack 1 event of APT Taiwan 2019 came to an end today with poker pro Daniel Tang coming from near elimination to the top to claim the bragging rights first title and TWD 448,200 (~USD 14,500). 


The two-day Monster Stack 1 opened the festivities yesterday with 127 sign ups contributing TWD 16,500 (~USD 540). This built a pot worth TWD 1,847,800 (~USD 60,000). Day 1 closed with 41 remaining and the money still 19 spots away.

Entering the Final Day, Hong Kong’s Chan Tsun Ming led in the pack and was trailed closely by Taiwan’s Philip Wang. As the day wore on, both Chan and Wang maintained their big stacks while several players joined in the leader’s zone. Three hours in, the bubble round arrived with 23 remaining.

Bubble time

During the bubble round, eventual champion Daniel Tang lost a couple of pots that sent his stack into the danger zone. However, he recovered through Philip Wang on a lucky runner-runner higher two pair. The chips were all in at the flop 8 7 Q, Tang with Q J top pair, Wang with 8 7 two pair;  the turn was K and river K. While Tang avoided the rail, another short stacked player attempted but banged it at the hands of FC Wang.

Monster Stack bubble time

To recap the bubble action, with blinds at 4k – 8k ante 8k, Wang raised to 18k,  sb short stack went all in for his remaining 30k, bb Chun Kit Leung and FC Wang called then checked down the board 8 K A 2 6. Short stack had K 4, Chun 10 10, and the winning hand was A Q

Final table

From there, eliminations were quick. Daniel Tang capitalized railing players in succession during the final two tables. One of the players he busted was Malaysia’s Lee Chin Yong. Tang raised, Lee shoved on the big blind with over 20 bbs. Tang called. Lee had 10 4, Tang 10 10. No help on the board, Lee out in 13th place. 

The official APT final table of 8 players was reached at the fall of Co Man Wa to Chan Tsun Ming with A J spiking a jack on the board to topple 5 5. Tang was one of the top three stacks. 

Final 8 rundown

First to bow out was Sparrow Cheung who called all in with K K overpair on a board 8 4 3. Wang Chien Yu had J 8 top pair. The turn 9 kept Cheung ahead but the river J burned him into 8th place.

Next out was Chia Yun Wu in 7th place at the hands of Philip Wang. Wang proceeded to claim another sizable pot by calling Tang holding just king high. The hand ran: utg Wang raised to 45k, bb Tang called. Both checked the flop 8 J 7. The turn 9, Tang led for 60k, Wang called. On the river 2, Tang fired 155k, Wang tank-called. Tang showed 5 4 bluff, Wang won it with K Q

Tumbling in 6th place was Chung Wei Lee with all his chips sent to Chan Tsun Ming to leave five on the hunt. From here, the next four heads were scalped by Tang. 

Daniel Tang’s road to victory

Wang Chien Yu watched his stack dwindle and finally pushed only to find himself in a three-way with Tang all in and chip leader Philip Wang calling in hopes of knocking out two simultaneously. Wang Chien Yu had A K, Tang J J, Philip Wang A Q. The board ran dry for a triple up to Tang and Yu the boot into 5th place. 

Chan Tsung Ming took a dive in 4th place. After he doubled up Chun Kit Leung, he was all in on a flop 6 7 9 and Tang snap called. Chan with 10 9 top pair, Tang 8 5 straight that held with the turn Q and river J. Shortly after, Tang axed short-stacked Chun in 3rd place to bring about heads up.

Tang entered with over 3:1 in chips against Philip Wang. Wang battled to bring it close to even. Then the final hand arrived. Tang limped, Wang shoved, Tang snap-called. 

Tang A K
Wang A 7

The board ran 6 5 2 10 4. Congratulations to Daniel Tang for his victory! He sets the pace of the APT Player of the Series race. 

Final 8 payouts
1st Daniel Tang – Hong Kong – TWD 448,200
2nd Philip Wang – Taiwan – TWD 298,700
3rd Chun Kit Leung – China – TWD 207,700
4th Chan Tsun Ming – Hong Kong – TWD 150,000
5th Wang Chien Yu – Taiwan – TWD 112,200
6th Chung Wei Lee – Taiwan – TWD 86,600
7th Chia Yun Wu – China – TWD 68,700
8th Park Yu “Sparrow” Cheung – Hong Kong – TWD 56,000

Complete results

APT Player of the Series

With the conclusion of the Monster Stack 1 event, the race is on for the APT Player of the Series. For everyone who cashed, make sure to check your standings. At the end of the festival, the top three players receive special rewards. First place earns the APT POS Trophy, APT POS Ring, exclusive luxury watch, and USD 800. 

APT Player of the Series standings


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