Christoph Friesinger tops Main Event Day 1A; Dafabet Head Hunter sees 84 runners

APT Vietnam Ho Chi Minh 2019 wrapped up Day 1A of the Main Event – VND 8 Billion guaranteed. It drew a light turnout of 45 entries (38 uniques and 7 re-entries). 20 players advanced to Day 2. Among them was APT Main Event decorated champion, Soo Jo Kim. Kim pulled through with a healthy stack of 83,200. The chip lead was claimed by Australia’s Christoph Friesinger with 120,800 which is now what players have to measure up to coming Day 1B. 

Day 1A Chip Count

Rank Name Country Chips
1 Christoph Friesinger Austria 120,800
2 Vijay Kumar Malaysia 114,700
3 Hwang Seong Il Korea 110,200
4 Brandon Yates United States 88,800
5 Oliver Helm New Zealand 88,400
6 Soo Jo Kim Korea 83,200
7 Nguyen Dang Long Vietnam 69,200
8 Je Huw Hong Korea 65,200
9 Zhang Lei China 58,700
10 Manoj Pentakota India 45,100
11 Huynh Thuy Thach Thao Vietnam 39,600
12 Teng Chee Keong Singapore 37,800
13 Lee Seok Young Korea 37,400
14 Richard Mari United Kingdom 37,400
15 Soo Han Ryu Korea 34,700
16 Dung Huynh Vietnam 31,300
17 Wishiyama Japan 30,300
18 Daniel Smith New Zealand 17,600
19 Yoon Chang Hwan Korea 8,100
20 Choi Inkyu Korea 6,500

Today’s 20 survivors were the first to qualify into Day 2. They await the results of the remaining two starting days before heading back to the tables of Pro Poker Club.

Up next for the Main Event is Day 1B. Buy-in is VND 22,000,000. The guarantee is VND 8 Billion (~USD 344,000). There’s plenty of time to enter with registration closing at the start of Level 10 in Day 2 on Sunday, July 7. For all the info on the Main Event, head to the link below.

Everything you need to know on the Main Event

Dafabet Head Hunter Day 1 results

The Dafabet Head Hunter Bounty tournament joined the Main Event on the floor today. 84 registered (70 uniques and 14 re-entries) at VND 9,900,000 each for a cash prize pool of VND 565,320,000 (~USD 24,000). At the end of 16 rounds, 10 players bagged up. They return tomorrow at 1pm for the final race. Among them was Norbert Koh who placed second at this same event in January 2019. 

Today also saw the bubble burst with KMGM member Korea’s Jin Yong Bae taking all of a player’s stack in back-to-back hands. The crushing moment saw both all in at the flop K K 8 with Jin holding K 5 trips over his opponent’s J J. The turn was 6 and river 4. Jin eventually closed the day as chip leader with 185,000. 

Final Day details

Total chips in play: 840,000
Average stack: 84,000
Opening blinds: 2000 – 4000 ante 4000 (Level 17)

Cash prize pool: VND 565,320,000
Bounty pot: VND 168,000,000 
ITM: 14 places
1st prize: VND 153,540,000

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