Chan Kian Bing closes Main Event Day 1B in the lead

What started out as a slow day ballooned into a packed room with 114 entries (107 uniques and 7 re-entries) getting on the felt for MAIN EVENT Day 1B of APT Vietnam Ho Chi Minh 2019.

After eight 60-minute rounds, 56 players bagged up. Malaysia’s Chan Kian Bing found himself at the helm with 156,700. This put him atop the combined Day 2 qualifiers. 

Also joining the leader were two APT major title-holders, Linh Tran and Huu Dung Nguyen. Other notables with chips bagged were Dang Van Hien, Kong Seong Su, and Sumit Sapra

Day 1B Chip Count

Rank Name Country Chips
1 Chan Kian Bing Malaysia 156,700
2 Guan Tian Liang China 135,200
3 Antonio Martins Portugal 123,700
4 Tran Huy Hoang Vietnam 110,800
5 Le Long Stephane France 94,400
6 Tung Nguyen Vietnam 91,800
7 Tom Henricus Verbruggen Netherlands 88,000
8 Loa Junzhong Malaysia 85,000
9 Dao Minh Phu Vietnam 83,500
10 Tobias Napel Netherlands 74,400
11 Dang Van Hien Vietnam 73,500
12 Nguyen Vinh Trung Vietnam 70,700
13 Han Myoung Suk Korea 70,600
14 Thai Nguyen Vietnam 58,800
15 Nguyen The Vinch Vietnam 57,900
16 Hong Kong Nguyen Canada 56,400
17 Kong Seong Su Korea 55,300
18 Justin Skovholt United States 54,500
19 Nong Mitchell United States 54,100
20 Long Lam Vietnam 52,700
21 Taku Yamamori Japan 51,600
22 Jeong Bong Kil Korea 50,000
23 Nguyen Nam Duong Vietnam 48,800
24 Sun Ka Ho  Hong Kong 47,800
25 Wang Jiabin China 47,800
26 Shohei Miyazaki Japan 47,200
27 Huu Dung Nguyen Vietnam 46,000
28 Nam Pho Nk Vietnam 45,900
29 Conor O’Driscoll Ireland 44,300
30 Chin Wei Khong Singapore 42,100
31 Woo Jin Lee Korea 41,500
32 Yang Dong Myeong Korea 41,400
33 Low Zi Cheng Singapore 41,200
34 Sumit Sapra India 40,100
35 Suh Seong Hyun Korea 39,600
36 Alex Lee Malaysia 39,200
37 Thanh Ho United States 38,300
38 Matsuda Tomoki Japan 35,700
39 Amit Malaysia 32,500
40 Ashish Munot India 31,100
41 Pengyu Lin China 30,900
42 Gauraw Sood India 30,600
43 Xu Lei China 30,200
44 Yu Dang Japan 29,200
45 Khanh Vuong United States 28,700
46 Chris Morrison Scotland 28,600
47 Macaron Tran Vietnam 28,300
48 Hwang Sung Min Korea 24,700
49 Frank Lillis Ireland 24,400
50 Linh Tran Vietnam 23,600
51 Park Chank Ki Korea 20,900
52 Nguyen Liu Thinh Vietnam 19,000
53 Kim Jang Soo Korea 17,000
54 Frederick Bolliet France 9,700
55 Lee Jang Hee Korea 8,400
56 Oh Ji Uk Korea 7,700

The day’s 56 survivors merge with the 20 qualifiers of Day 1A. They will have a couple of night’s rest before returning on Sunday, July 7 for Day 2.

Day 2 qualifiers
Day 1A recap

Up next is Day 1C, the last starting day to jump in. For all the details, head to the link below. 

Everything you need to know on the Main Event

The Main Event comes with a guarantee of VND 8 Billion (~USD 344,000). The past two starting days drew a combined 159 entries. To enter, buy-in is VND 22,000,000. Attempting for multiple stacks is allowed however only your best stack moves forward. Registration closes at the start of Level 10 in Day 2. 


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