Championships Event: Wang Yang Feng leads Day 1B; one final hour to enter in Day 2

The APT Taiwan 2019 -CHAMPIONSHIPS EVENT – saw another strong turnout with 113 runners taking up seats at the CTP Club (Chinese Texas Hold’em Poker Association). Though that number was slightly less than the previous starting day,  the overall number is sure to increase with one more hour of late registration available  in Day 2. So all you railbirds and weekend warriors that will be your last chance to jump in.

At the end of today’s scheduled 8 rounds, only 67 players remained with China’s Wang Yan Feng in charge. He bagged up 252,600 which no other player came close to. 

Wang Yan Feng

The next one down the rung was Hong Kong’s Chung Kin Fai “Keanu” with 214,900. This was another impressive finish for Keanu who cashed at the Main Event in 18th place. 

Chung Kin Fai

One player making a bid for the leadership was Taiwan’s Chou Chien Fa. Chou bagged the third largest, a very healthy 214,500. During one of the last hands of play, he entered a heated battle against Jacky Wong. After he four-bet the flop 10 10 5 that was called by Wong, the turn 9 saw him shove and Wong called. Both players had A-10 to split the pot. 

Chou Chien Fa vs Jacky Wong

Day 1B saw an abundance of notable players scattered around the room, some even elbow to elbow. Among those that survived were APT major title-holders: Jinwoo Kim (128,900), Soo Jo Kim (77,200), and Hung Sheng Lin (55,100). Also through were Jacky Wong (93,500), Gao Wen Ling (161,800), Jack Nai Yuan Hu (144,700), Alex Lindop (89,600), Phua Tzai Wei (86,500), Victor Chong (65,400), and Phachara Wongwichit (62,400). 

Day 1B chip counts

Day 2 chip counts and seat assignment

Day 1A results

Day 2 numbers

Here’s a review of the current Championships Event numbers: 

Day 1A: 61 advanced out of 122 entries
Day 1B: 67 advanced out of 113 entries

Day 2: 128 combined starting day qualifiers

Average stack: 91,797
Total chips in play: 11,750,000

There are currently 235 entries with each one having dished out TWD 49,500. Late registration is still open for the first hour in Day 2 so that number will grow. For late entries, starting stack is 50,000 with blinds kicking off at 600-1200 ante 1200. Blinds increase every 60 minutes. A total of 8 levels will be played today.

We will have the official prize pool for you once registration closes. The guarantee was easily surpassed in Day 1A; the pot is currently in the neighborhood of TWD 10 Million which is double the advertised guarantee. 

Currently leading the pack is Mark Reyes (Philippines) with 367,200. He is followed by UK’s Ben Lai with 353,800. To round out the top three is Japan’s Tomoharu Furuya with 256,300. 

Day 2 begins our live updates. That will start as soon as we enter the freezeout stage.  Just head to the link below. 

Live Updates