CHAMPIONSHIPS EVENT VND 6B guaranteed starts today! Junwoo Oh, Lee Seok Young, and Hiroshi Nishiyama win trophies

Now that the Main Event has been claimed, we move on to the next featured event of APT Vietnam Ho Chi Minh 2019. The CHAMPIONSHIPS EVENT kicks off today at 1pm at host venue Pro Poker Club. It comes with a guarantee of VND 6,000,000,000 (~USD 258,000).  This event usually attracts a tight field of top players with the buy-in at VND 38,500,000 (~USD 1,700).

We do advise everyone to get to the room early. If you have your chips in play by the first deal of Level 1, you will be eligible for Bubble Protection. The Championships Event runs a total of five days  from July 10 to 14.  There are two starting days to enter however players can sign up as late as Day 2. Registration closes at the start of Level 10. Schedule below: 

Day 1A: Wednesday, July 10
Day 1B: Thursday, July 11
Day 2: Friday, July 12
Day 3: Saturday, July 13
Final 8: Sunday, July 14

The Championships Event boasts of one of the best structures in Asia. Players start with 250x the opening 25-50 blinds. Blinds escalate every 60 minutes. Each starting day plays out 8 levels.  See structure here

Side Event winners

Here are the latest side event winners. With the exception of the Super High Rollers, all ITM players earn points towards the APT Player of the Series race. Make sure to check your standing. 

Super High Rollers results

The most costly event of the series was the Super High Rollers coming in at a hefty VND 107,500,000 (~USD 4,600). 25 signed up for a prize pool worth VND 2,425,000,000 (~USD 104,000). Taking it down was Junwoo Oh for his first APT win and a pocketful VND 886,250,000 (~USD 38,000) to go with it. 

Junwoo Oh – Super High Rollers champion

1st Junwoo Oh – Korea – VND 886,520,000
2nd You Hewng Youl – Korea – VND 750,000,000
3rd Le Zhenghua – China – VND 371,730,000
4th Hiroshi Nishiyama – Japan – VND 245,150,000
5th Daniel Smith – New Zealand – VND 171,600,000

*This event is not included in the APT Player of the Series race

High Rollers Single Day #2 results

The High Rollers Single Day #2 saw 34 runners (28 uniques, 6 re-entries) dish out the VND 43,000,000 buy-in for a prize pool of VND 1,319,200,000 (~USD 56,700). Six players got paid with Japan’s Hiroshi Nishiyama claiming the biggest cut of VND 510,940,000 for his victory. Nishiyama gave Japan their first win of the ongoing series. 

Hiroshi Nishiyama – High Rollers Single Day #2 winner

1st Hiroshi Nishiyama – Japan – VND 501,940,000
2nd Daniel Smith – New Zealand – VND 308,270,000
3rd Chee Keong Teng – Singapore – VND 200,150,000
4th Mark Gruendemann – Ireland – VND 136,890,000
5th Seong Hwang – Korea – VND 98,250,000
6th Vu Duc Trung – Vietnam – VND 73,700,000

Short Deck results

58 turned up for the Short Deck event. At VND 8,800,000 per entry, the prize pool came to VND 450,080,000 (~USD 19,000). Korea claimed the victory with KMGM Member Lee Seok Young aka Tiger Lee defeating Philippine pro Richard Marquez at heads up. Lee shipped the VND 133,250,000 first prize and his first APT trophy. 

Lee Seok Young – Short Deck champion

1st Lee Seok Young – Korea – VND 133,250,000
2nd Richard Marquez – Philippines – VND 88,830,000 
3rd Lee Janghee – Korea – VND 61,750,000
4th Manish Lakhotia – India – VND 44,600,000
5th Michael Fullmer – Singapore – VND 33,360,000
6th Phan Anh Khiem – Vietnam – VND 25,740,000
7th Macaron Tran – Vietnam – VND 20,440,000
8th Unknown – VND 16,660,000
9th Kim Jaehyuk – Korea – VND 13,880,000
10th Jeon Yoontae – Korea – VND 11,570,000