Championships Event to crown a winner! Monster Stack PHP 2 Million Guaranteed kicks off at 3pm

The APT Finale Philippines 2018 returns for its penultimate day at Resorts World Manila with the two-day MONSTER STACK  PHP2 Million guaranteed. That event kicks off at 3pm. Buyin is PHP 27,500. This is one of the most popular events of the tour and with the guarantee, it is expected to draw a healthy field. 

Full APT Finale Philippines 2018 schedule

Also on the floor is the Final 8 round of the CHAMPIONSHIPS EVENT. A total of 71 runners came out with each one contributing the PHP 165,000 entry. This created a pot just past the guarantee to PHP 10,330,500. Yesterday saw four players earn a piece of it. Today will see the Final 8 hunting down the title and the PHP 2,872,800 first prize. We will have LIVE UPDATES running throughout. 

Final 8 players
Bobby Zhang – Australia – 1,001,000
Anthony Thong Boon Tee – Malaysia – 793,000
Iori Yogo – Japan – 652,000
Roger Spets – Sweden – 435,000
Andrew Nguyen – USA – 210,000
Aditya Sushant – India – 188,000
Lim Yohwan – Korea – 162,000
Henrik Tollefsen – Norway – 110,000

Action resumes with blinds at 3K/6K ante 6K. There’s 14 minutes and 42 seconds left in this level. Average stack is 443,750 with 3,550,000 total chips in play. Cards in the air at 130pm.

Final payouts
1st PHP  2,872,800
2nd PHP 1,915,100
3rd PHP 1,337,100
4th PHP 973,300
5th PHP 735,6009
6th PHP 574,900
7th PHP 463,000
8th PHP 383,000