CHAMPIONSHIPS EVENT starts today! Php 8 Million guaranteed; Bubble protection in effect

Under the spotlight today is the APT PhilippinesCHAMPIONSHIPS EVENT – which runs from May 4 to closing day May 8. This is the second APT major of the series and it is backed by a whopping Php 8 Million (~US$ 152,300) guarantee. Cards in the air at 1pm. Get bubble protected by having your chips in play on the first hand of Level 1. Registration is open all day. 

Dates: May 4 to 8
Venue: Resorts World Manila

Buy in: Php 82,500 (~US$ 1,570)
Guarantee: Php 8,000,000 (~US$ 152,300)
Day 1A: Wednesday, May 4
Day 1B: Thursday, May 5

Starting stack: 50,000
Opening blinds: 100-200
Level intervals: 60 minutes
Bagging time: end of Level 8 

Like the Main Event, the Championships Event is a deep structured tournament with slow escalating blinds. Due to its higher buy in, it is viewed as the main for the high rollers. The pot tends to be just as large but with a tighter field of pros. This is the first Championships Event of the year. Come on over and join the action and become the next APT champion! 

Bubble Protection

To spice thing’s up, the APT extends an incentive for all the early birds, the Bubble Protection. This is a very powerful perk to have. In the unfortunate event that you find yourself busting on the bubble, the APT will give you back your buy in in the form of APT credits. To qualify for Bubble Protection all that’s required are these simple steps:

  • Pre-register
  • Draw for your seat
  • Have your chips in play by the first deal of round 1.

Late comers / Late registration

Good news for late comers, you can sign up to this event as late as Day 2. Registration closes on Friday, May 6 at 215pm. Due to the deep structure, you still have a decent 33 BB stack to start with. Players with short stacks may also attempt for multiple stack but only your best stack advances.