Championships Event: Jeonggyu Cho zooms to the top of Day 1A; 43 survive out of 95 entries; chip counts inside

Getting on the felt today at APT Philippines II 2019 was the second featured tournament – the CHAMPIONSHIPS EVENT – with a guaranteed PHP 10 million (~USD 192,000) prize pool. Alike the Main Event, the eventual champion is certain to win a fat purse, the APT Championships Trophy, and the APT Championship Ring. Day 1A concluded with 95 entries ponying up the  PHP 82,500 (~USD 1,600) buy-in. 43 players survived with Korea’s Jeonggyu Cho as chip leader with 339,700. 

Cho amassed his stack during one of the final hands of the day. He went head-to-head against Hamish Crawshaw who called to his doom with top two pair K Q way behind Cho’s nut flush A 10

Cho’s table saw plenty of heads chopped. Delivering a couple of those busts was second chip leader, Michael Kim Falcon, who sent Marc Rivera out followed by Akshay Nasa to amass 315,600. Against Rivera, it was pocket aces over ace-king. Rivera immediately re-entered and quickly doubled up. As for Nasa, he was pushed on the river by Falcon then tank-called for his tournament life. Falcon showed a straight 10 8 on a board A J K Q 4. Cho and Falcon were the only two players to reach over 300k in chips. 

Among the survivors were decorated APT major title-holders: Graeme Siow, Go Saito, Soo Jo Kim, Lester Edoc, and In Chul Sin. 

Championships Event – Day 1A – Chip counts

Rank Name Country Chips
1 Jeonggyu Cho Korea 339,700
2 Michael Kim Falcon Denmark 315,600
3 Jung Seong Mook Korea 195,000
4 Graeme Siow Singapore 181,200
5 Hojoon Choi Korea 173,800
6 George Mateo Guam 165,200
7 Thomas Bobington Canada 156,800
8 Gary Thompson Ireland 144,200
9 Ji Young Kim Korea 138,200
10 Go Saito Japan 135,000
11 Soo Jo Kim Korea 134,900
12 Benigno Ledina, Jr. Philippines 133,500
13 Shohei Miyazaki Japan 130,000
14 Marc Rivera Philippines 126,800
15 Hong Jin Ho Korea 125,600
16 Seina Asagari Japan 117,700
17 Ulrik Scotwin Denmark 117,700
18 David Erquiaga Philippines 108,500
19 Yu Lee China 104,500
20 Johnson T. Tan Philippines 101,500
21 Michael Seymour Australia 101,200
22 Xiaosheng Zheng China 98,300
23 Xixiang Luo China 97,600
24 Je Hun Hong Korea 94,400
25 Alan Anibal Arbos Fernandez Spain 93,600
26 Steve Yea Korea 93,200
27 Marco Almerez Philippines 92,400
28 Hu Jin Long China 92,000
29 Juyuk Park Korea 81,300
30 Kyung Kun Lee Korea 80,600
31 Lester Edoc Philippines 78,800
32 Noel Araniel Philippines 65,500
33 Tian Ho China 64,000
34 Han Fei China 62,700
35 Ying Lin, Chua Malaysia 60,400
36 Meng Guo China 53,000
37 Aborto Meran Dominican Republic 47,300
38 Francesco Morales Italy 45,100
39 Doug Hartwick Canada 37,300
40 Charlton Hawes New Zealand 36,400
41 In Chul Sin Korea 31,300
42 Andrianto Tan Indonesia 26,500
43 Felix Weis Luxembourg 16,000

Day 1A qualifiers advance to Day 2 taking place on Friday, September 20 at 1pm. Before that, up next is Day 1B which is the last starting day to enter. Buy-in is PHP 82,500. Players that have their chips in play by the first deal of  Level 1 of Day 1B will be eligible for Bubble Protection. Registration closes at the start of Level 10 in Day 2. 

APT Philippines II 2019 schedule