Championships Event Final 3 led by Hsing Hsiung Tai

No doubt about it. Numbers are clear. The APT Taiwan 2020 – CHAMPIONSHIPS EVENT – was greatly affected by the ongoing COVID-19 situation as only 29 found their way to the felt. Still, it was a thrill to witness as powerhouse players battled to reach the money at Day 2. Over eight hours it took for the final three to be determined. They will return on Saturday, March 14 at 3pm. 

On the left is chip leader Taiwan’s David Hsing Hsiung Tai with 723,000. That’s just shy of half the chips in play. In the center is Singapore’s Wilson Lim with 365,000, and Taiwan’s Tsai Yu You Ci on the right with 362,000. Congratulations to the finalists!  

Final Day info

Resuming blinds: 4k-8k ante 8k
Chips in play: 1,450,000
Average stack: 483,333

1st TW$ 721,500 (~US$ 23,900)
2nd TW$ 354,400 (~US$ 11,700)
3rd TW$ 189,900 (~US$ 6,300)


You can read up on how they survived Day 2 via our Live Updates. The race to the crown will stream live on APT Twitch starting at 330pm. 

David Hsing Hsiung Tai – Taiwan – 723,000 – 90 bbs

 This will be the fifth APT major event cash for Hsing Hsiung Tai aka David Tai. His deepest APT run was 9th place at the APT Vietnam 2019 Championships Event in November. His best finish was 3rd place at an international live event in Vietnam in 2018 for over US$ 47k. 

Wilson Lim – Singapore – 365,000 – 45 bbs

Out of the three finalists, only Singapore’s Wilson Lim has reached a major APT final table and is the most decorated. Last year in October right here in Taiwan, Lim finished 8th at the APT Main Event. In 2018 he won his first six figure payout at an international event in Manila, Philippines. 

Tsai Yu You Ci – 362,000 – 45 bbs

Tsa Yu You Ci completes the final 3. He is no newcomer to the live scene however this is his first APT cash. Tsai has reached the final table of two international Main Event tournaments held here in Taiwan last year. 

Championships Event recap

Buy-in: TW$ 49,500
Entries: 29
Prize pool: TW$ 1,265,800 (~US$ 41,900)

Day 1 brought in 20 entries, Day 2 another 9, for a total of 29 entries. By the end of Day 1, there were four APT decorated champions in the list with Carlos Chang as chip leader. Entering Day 2, among the new arrivals were pros Lin Chen An, Pete Yen Han Chen, Kuang Hung Lee, and Wilson Lim. Only An departed before the freezeout stage but after, knockouts were in rocket speed. 

Graeme Siow was the first decorated champ to fall, Iori Yogo followed, He Zong Chi had a fierce duel against Tsai Yu You Ci before succumbing, leaving just Chang as the last champ holding the torch. When it was down to five-handed, David Hsing Hsiung Tai got lucky on Alex Lee to sent the pro packing up. Tai four-bet jammed with A 6 and Lee snap-called with A Q. The board ran out 6 9 4 J 4 for a pair to Tai. This awarded Tai the massive chip lead entering the bubble round. 

It took over an hour for the bubble to burst. Along the way, Chang doubled up through Tai but on his second all in showdown, the result was otherwise. His A 7 failed to improve against Tai’s 10 10