Championships Event Day 3 concludes with Final 8 players led by Dang Duy Thanh

After four days of intense competition, the Championships Event is down to the Final 8 players! The finalists were determined at Day 3 where 35 players returned to hunt down the money and the coveted seat. It took eight hours to seal the deal with Vietnam’s Dang Duy Thanh eliminating fellow countryman Dinh Duc Linh in 9th place. In turn, Dang amassed the chip lead equivalent to 60 BB. Congratulations to the finalists! The race to the title and the burly VN₫ 1,823,500,000 (~US$ 78,500) first prize takes place on Sunday, June 19 starting at 1:30pm. You can catch the action live at the Grand Loyal Poker Club or via the live stream on APT YouTube and APT Twitch


Final 8 by rank

Dang Duy Thanh Vietnam 2,415,000 60
Nguyen Van Sang aka Hoa Thien Vietnam 2,125,000 53
Tran Huy Hoang aka Louis Tran Vietnam 1,695,000 42
Hoang Thai Son aka Son Hoang Vietnam 1,500,000 37
Jiang Yongbo Singapore 1,095,000 27
Dinh Tien Thanh Vietnam 790,000 20
Ankit Jajodia India 670,000 17
Rijad Hasani Serbia 510,000 13

Chips in play: 10,800,000 
Average stack: 1,350,000 (34 BB)
Resuming blinds: 20K – 40K – 40K BB Ante

Remaining payouts

1st 1,823,500,000
2nd 1,215,660,000
3rd 845,110,000
4th 610,410,000
5th 456,490,000
6th 352,310,000
7th 279,770,000
8th 227,940,000
9th 227,940,000

Event Recap

Underway on June 15, the Asian Poker Tour Vietnam Hanoi Loyal 2022 – CHAMPIONSHIPS EVENT – drew an impressive 216 entries to obliterate the advertised VN₫ 4 Billion guarantee. In its place was a much richer VN₫ 7,333,200,000 (~US$ 315,540) prize pool. Day 3 opened with 35 players looking to seize a piece however only 22 were guaranteed to money. Among those missing the mark was Nguyen Van Trung (Main Event – 3rd place) who busted on the first hand of the day with pocket Kings running into Ankit Jajodia‘s pocket Aces. Pham Tien Dung (Main Event – 5th place) also went bust before the money round with mid pair unable to improve against an overpair. As the bubble round neared, two players fell in quick succession to deny the crucial stage. 

Buy in: VN₫ 38,500,000 (~US$ 1,657)
Guarantee: VN₫ 4,000,000,000 (~US$ 172,117)
Total entries: 216
Prize pool: VN₫ 7,333,200,000 (~US$ 315,540)
ITM: 22 places

New Zealand pro Thomas Ward was first to collect followed out by the last remaining APT decorated champion Hue Dang in 21st place. Dang fell on a three-way that saw Tran Huy Hoang aka Louis Tran get very lucky to avoid elimination at the hands of Serbian Rijad Hasani. Singaporean pro Norbert Koh (Main Event – 9th place) charged up to 17th place, and the day’s entering chip leader David Erquiaga fell in 11th place. Unlike at Day 2, Erquiaga couldn’t get much going, instead paid out pots until he was at risk for most of the final two tables. USA’s Robert Kiss was cleaned out by Louis Tran with A-Q dominated by A-K. This formed the unofficial final table with nine remaining. 

Dang Duy Thanh

After two orbits, which was mostly dominated by Nguyen Van Sang, the first called shove arrived. Hasani’s pocket Sevens survived the heat against Jiang Yongbo‘s A-K. The next clash was the opposite with Dang Duy Thanh outdrawing Dinh Duc Linh to form the Final 8.  You can read up on the action via the Live Updates. 

Payouts 9th to 22nd in VN₫ 

9th Dinh Duc Linh Vietnam 189,950,000
10th Robert Kiss USA 158,290,000
11th David Erquiaga Philippines 131,910,000
12th Sumit Sapra India 131,910,000
13th Dinh Van Tien Vietnam 109,930,000
14th Nguyen Hoang Huy Vietnam 109,930,000
15th Le Anh Minh Vietnam 109,930,000
16th Tran Nam Trung Vietnam 91,600,000
17th Norbert Koh Singapore 91,600,000
18th Katsuhito Kawai Japan 91,600,000
19th Teddy Pham Vietnam 76,340,000
20th Le Van Dien Vietnam 76,340,000
21st Hue Thi Dang Vietnam 76,340,000
22nd Thomas Ward New Zealand 76,340,000