Carlos Chang leads the Championships Event; two hours of late reg available in Day 2

Four decorated champions were part of the APT Taiwan 2020 – CHAMPIONSHIPS EVENT – Day 1B survivors. Earning the top spot was Taiwan’s Carlos Chang who won the APT Macau 2012 Main Event.

During the last hands called, Chang railed Liu Cheng Yi to slide into the chip lead. On a flop 6 8 7, Iori Yogo checked, Chang bet 3k, Graeme Siow called, Liu shoved Q 8 top pair, only Chang called with 10 7 mid pair. The turn Q improved Liu to two pairs but the river 9 burned her down as Chang improved to a straight. 

The last entry heat drew 20 entries. 10 players remained at bagging time. For those that missed the mark, fence-sitters, and weekend warriors, late registration is available in Day 2 – Friday, March 13 – for two hours. Plenty of time to jump in. It will close at the start of Level 11. 

Buy-in: TW$ 49,500 (~US$ 1,600)
Starting stack: 50,000
Starting time: 1pm

Current entries: 20
Day 2 opening blinds: 600-1200 ante 1200 (Level 9)
Level intervals: 60 minutes
Registration: closing at the start of Level 11
Bagging time: end of Level 16

Chips in play: 1,000,000
Average stack: 100,000

Day 1B survivors

Rank Name Country Chips Table Seat
1 Carlos Chang  Taiwan 188,300 4 5
2 Iori Yogo Japan 171,900 4 3
3 Tsai Yu You Ci  Taiwan 162,200 3 7
4 Chu Chi Jen  Taiwan 128,300 3 4
5 Vincent Huang Australia 107,200 3 1
6 Alex Lee  Singapore 84,200 3 6
7 Wilson Lim Singapore 63,600 4 7
8 Graeme Siow Singapore 53,800 4 8
9 He Zong Chi Taiwan 42,300 3 2
10 Pete Yen Han Chen Taiwan 7,800 3 3

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