Cards in the air at the Main Event! Registration still open!

The inaugural APT Vietnam Phu Quoc – MAIN EVENT – is underway! 137 players are back in action here at Corona Resort & Casino. It’s wall to wall with every table and seat owned. The first fifteen minutes has already resulted in numerous all ins and bust outs. Registration is open for the first hour, closing at 1:10pm. Prize pool and payouts will be posted once registration closes.

At this time, the pot is nearing VN₫ 5 Billion with 336 entries. Leading the race are Day 1 top dogs Truong Vu Tran Khanh – 173,500 (Day 1C) and Joseph Talamayan – 163,300 (Day 1A). The random seat draw put both players at Table 3 so we’ll be keeping a close watch throughout the day to see how they fare.

For players signing up, we have just been told that tables are at capacity and at this time we are accepting alternates. No fret as everyone that buys in before registration closes will be seated. Here are all the details.

Buy in: VN₫ 16,500,000 (~US$ 721)
*Registration closes at 1:10pm

Day 2 opening blinds: 400 – 800 – bb ante 800 (Level 10)
Blinds increases: every 60 minutes
Day 2 bagging time: end of Level 17

Day 1A: 42 advanced out of 110 entries – Day 1A results
Day 1B: 38 advanced out of 93 entries – Day 1B results
Day 1C: 60 advanced out of 133 entries – Day 1C results

Day 2 qualifiers: 137 players (2 double stacks removed)
Total entries: 336
Chips in play: 8,342,700
Average stack: 60,895

Good luck to all!