Canadian players Young Ju and Richard Alleson win trophies

We are winding down to the last five days of APT Taiwan 2020 here at partner Chinese Texas Hold’em Association. Today witnessed side events getting some decent action while the featured Championships Event failed to attract enough to get started. No fret, the highlight event will hit the felt tomorrow for Day 1B. Buy-in for that is TW$ 49,500. 

The day closed with a couple of new winners, both of them from Canada. Congratulations to Young Ju and Richard Alleson! For everyone that cashed, points were earned towards the APT Player of the Series race. Make sure to check your stadings via the link below. 

APT Player of the Series leaderboard

Young Ju wins the No Limit Hold’em Single Day 

The first Canadian player awarded today was Young Ju who shipped the No Limit Hold’em Single Day. Ju entered the final table as chip leader and impressively held it throughout. This was his first recorded live victory and live cash in Asia. He earned TW$ 95,900 (~US$ 3,200) and the APT event trophy. 

Buy-in: TW$ 7,700 (~US$ 260)
Entries: 45
Prize pool: TW$ 305,500 (~US$ 10,100)

1st Young Ju – Canada – TW$ 95,900
2nd Chen Ying Shen – Taiwan – TW$ 63,900
3rd Ping Jui Lai – Taiwan – TW# 44,400
4th Chousun Chen – Taiwan – TW$ 32,100
5th Kazuya Kojima – Japan – TW$ 24,000
6th Meng-Ling Lin – Taiwan – TW$ 18,500
7th Po Hung Lai – Taiwan – TW$ 14,700
8th Kuang Hung Lee – Taiwan – TW$ 12,000

Recapping the event from the bubble round with nine remaining. There were three double ups before Meng Ling Lin sent the axe down on a player. On a board that ran out 8 6 10 9 J, the short stacked player check-shoved with 10 5 on the flop and Lin called with Q Q

Within the next hour, eliminations were swift. Chen Ying Shen railed Kuang Hung Lee (8th), Ping Jui Lai did the same to Po Hung Lai (7th) with A-Q outdrawing 2-2. Chip leader Young Ju joined the knockout spree denying Lin (6th) with A-Q improving to trips to defeat 9-9. Shen claimed his second final table victim in Kazuya Kojima (5th) then a third by booting out Chousun Chen (4th). To reach heads up, Ju eliminated Ping with A 9 staying ahead of A 2. Ju was ahead of Shen in chips at the start of heads up. 

It was a lopsided race for the title. Ju put pressure after pressure on Shen. On one hand, Shen used his last two time-banks on a board 9 6 4 7 before folding to Ju’s shove. Shen was able to recover some lost chips but not nearly enough to touch the leader Ju. The final hand arrived with Ju initiating the action at preflop and flop, then bet-calling Shen’s shove on a board J J 7 4. When the river came 3, Ju won it with Q Q higher two pair to Shen’s K 7

Richard Alleson wins the Pot Limit Omaha Turbo

Closing out the day was Canada’s Richard Alleson with a victory at the Pot Limit Omaha Turbo event. This was a great comeback by Alleson who last December missed the PLO title by one spot right here in Taiwan. He earned TW$ 52,100 (~US$ 1,700) on a five way deal. 

Buy-in: TW$ 5,500 (~US$ 180)
Entries: 51
Prize pool: TW$ 247,300 (~US$ 8,200)

Once the field was cut from 51 entries to the final 9, everyone was secured a piece of the cash. At five-handed, it took some time for the next player to burn out resulting in a deal agreed upon by the remaining players. Everyone took TW$ 38,000 with the eventual champion pocketing an additional TW$ 14,100 and of course the trophy. 

When action resumed, it was in rocket speed. At least one shove was seen at every orbit. Alleson landed a big double up through Mark Gruendemann to eventually enter heads up against Chang Chao Ting with a big lead. It only took a few heads up deals before the final showdown. 

Cheng 8 K A Q
Alleson 5 Q K 10 

The board ran J Q 7 2 5 for a winning two pairs to Alleson. 

1st Richard Alleson – Canada –  TW$ 52,100 (deal made)
2nd Chang Chao Ting – Taiwan – TW$ 38,000 (deal made)
3rd Mark Gruendemann – Ireland – TW$ 38,000 (deal made)
4th Kristof Segers – Belgium – TW$ 38,000 (deal made)
5th Zheng Yu Xuan – Taiwan – TW$ 38,000 (deal made)
6th Ori Kossonogi – Israel – TW$ 14,500
7th Iori Yogo – Japan – TW$ 11,500
8th Ya Shiu Yang – Taiwam – TW$ 9,400
9th Josei Kamei – England – TW$ 7,800