APT Vietnam Ho Chi Minh Warm-Up Flight B Underway, Flight A Eclipses 200 Runners


HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam – Poker mania has officially swept Vietnam’s most populous city with the first event of the APT Vietnam Ho Chi Minh, the NLHE Warm-Up (Flight A), garnering (as of this writing) 239 registrants with a total of 59 re-entries. This pumps up the total prize pool to 1.673B VND (almost US$72,000.00), shattering the original guaranteed prize pool of 1B VND (US$43.000.00) at the Saigon Poker Club here.

Registration for Flight A is still open until before Level 13. Unlimited re-buys are also available until then. Flight A is presently at Level 10. 

Flight B now commences with only three available tables and a phalanx of alternates now waiting to be seated. Both Flights will played until the end of Level 15.

“This is a phenomenal start,” exclaimed Lloyd Fontillas, APT General Manager and Executive Tournament Director. “This is a great indication that the poker community here is hungry for action and that it also could be a precursor to what could be a record turnout in the Main Event. We eclipsed the guarantee for the Warm-Up as early as the fourth level and this could be the trend for all our slated events here in the coming days.”

APT Vietnam Ho Chi Minh Warm-Up Flight B

APT General manager and Executive Tournament Director Lloyd Fontillas welcoming Warm-Up Flight B participants

It is also due to this overwhelming turnout that the first of five Main Event satellites has been cancelled owing to the Warm-Up event occupying all the tables at this venue.

The 7B VND (US$301,000.00) Guaranteed Main Event kicks off on Thursday, August 11 with three Day 1s.

See the complete event schedule here