APT Taiwan 2020 Championships Event from March 11 to 15

The latter half of APT Taiwan 2020 brings to the felt the tour’s second featured tournament. Alike the main, the CHAMPIONSHIPS EVENT comes with a cusotm crafted deep structure. For those that get on the felt on time, the starting stack is equiavalent to 250 times the opening big blind. For those that sign up at the final second, that’s still a very playable 25 bbs. Have a look at all the info below.

Dates: March 11 to 15
Buy-in: NT$ 49,500 (~US$ 1,650)
Starting stack: 50,000
Opening blinds: 100-200
Format: Ante Big Blind
Level intervals: 60 minutes
Starting time: 1pm

Day 1A: Wednesday, March 11
Day 1B: Thursday, March 12
Day 2: Friday, March 13
Day 3: Saturday, March 14
Final 8: Sunday, March 15


  • Starting days play until the end of Level 8
  • Registration closes at the start of Level 11 which means two hours to jump in on Day 2
  • Bubble protection in effect
  • Shot clock introduced at the final six tables


  • Sunday, March 8, 6pm – TW$ 5,500
  • Monday, March 9 at 6pm – TW$ 5,500
  • Tuesday, March 10 at 6pm – TW$ 5,500
  • Wednesday, March 11 at 6pm – TW $ 11,000

Bubble Protection

For players new to the Bubble Protection incentive, players that meet the three requirements below are eligible for the protection. In the event that a protected player is eliminated on the bubble, that player will receive their buy-in back in APT tournament credits valid for one year. To be eligible:

  1. Pre-register 
  2. Draw for your seat before starting time
  3. Have your chips in play on the first deal of Level 1

Important things to know:

  • Players that qualify for Bubble Protection will maintain that status only on the same day re-entry
  • Players wanting Bubble Protection on a next day re-entry will have to repeat the three steps 
  • Bubble Protection will only be awarded if the event goes hand-for-hand
  • Bubble Protection will not be awarded to a player that receives a cash prize

Shot Clock 

Since mid-last year, all APT events utilized the Shot Clock. When a tournament is down to its final six tables, the Shot Clock is introduced. For the Championships Event, players receive 5 time banks worth 60 seconds each. Another 5 time banks is given to the final 8 players. Once a player is out of time banks, the player’s hand is auto-folded when the timer has expired.