APT Player of the Series

The APT Player of the Series (APT POS) is a cumulative measure of players’ performance throughout a full series.

APT Player of the Series Prizes:
1st – Exclusive Luxury Watch, Customized Ring, Trophy, and $800 in cash
2nd and 3rd – Trophy and $100 in cash

Formula for APT POS = # of Points for Cashing based on Event Category + (Multiplier x 10)

Category Type Points
A Main Event / Championship Event 150
B Multiple Day Opening Event / Monster Stack / NLH and Omaha High Rollers 120
C Single Day High Rollers / Day Time NLH and Omaha Events 100
D Single Day NLH / 6 Max Turbo / OFC Pineapple 90
E Super Deep Stack Turbo / Deep Stack Turbo / Hyper Turbo / Charity Event 80

*Multiplier = Prize Money Won / Buy-In (Fee not Included)

*Total points for the Main Event will be reduced by 30% due to 10% pay table
*Head Hunter Event, bounty will be deducted from buy in
*Charity Event, donation to charity will be deducted from buy in
*Points will be awarded to the players that cash in an event that qualifies for APT POS
*Players must have participated in 4 events or cashed in 2 events in order to qualify

Sample Computation:
Lloyd enters the Main Event that has a buy-in of US$1,000 (fee not included) and finishes 5th place earning him US$14,200.
Lloyd’s points toward APT POS is 274.4
Formula: 150 points for cashing in a Category A event + (14.2 Multiplier (US$14,200 prize money / US$1,000 buy-in) x 10 = 292 – 30% = 274 points

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