APT Online Series Main Event breaks the $200K guarantee; three flights to go; PetitFoxx ships the SHR; recaps Event 21-25

Fantastic turnout at the inaugural APT Online Series – MAIN EVENT – hosted at GG Network Natural8. After completing two flights, a combined 463 entered which was more than enough to dust the advertised $ 200K guarantee. With three flights still on the queue, there’s a high probability of breaking 1000 entries. If you are just getting wind of the series, it is fast approaching the $ 1.5 million guarantee with a whopping $ 1.378 million paid out across 26 events. The festival runs until May 10. To join the action, just head to Natural8  and sign up!

APT Online Series schedule

Aside from the Main Event, several events also took place with five new players seizing titles. Congratulations to the latest champions. Capturing the single largest cash of Day 5 was player PetitFoxx at the Super High Rollers event. We’ve got that story and more down below. 

APT Player of the Series update

After winning the SHR event, PetitFoxx entered the leader board in 10th rank. Goldig cashed in a few events, including third place at the Micro Monster Stack to move up three notches to 7th rank. The top four leaders remain unchanged. 

Featured: Main Event $ 200k GTD 

Flight A: 41 advanced out of 177 entries 
Flight B: 74 advanced out of 286 entries

Date: May 3 to 5
Buy in: $ 500
Guarantee: $ 200,000
Cumulative entries: 463
Cumulative prize pool: $ 220,400
Final Day qualifiers: 115 players

Flight A chip leader: beibei12 – 34,216
Flight B chip leader: Number_2 – 301,121

Top 10 players

May 4 schedule

16:00: Flight C
20:00: Flight D

May 5 schedule

16:00: Flight E (turbo)
20:00: Main Event Final Day

*Live Updates on Main Event Final Day leading up to the final table.

*The final table will stream live in three stations (one hour delay):

Kosei Ichinose Twitch TV
Hong Kong Poker Players Association (HKPPA) YouTube channel

Event #21: Super High Rollers – PetitFoxx – $ 53,383.12

Coming out the richest at Day 5 was player PetitFoxx for reigning victorious at the Super High Rollers. In fact, PetitFoxx shipped the largest payout of the series thus far amounting to $ 53,383.12. 

You can relive the final 5 action via the official stream channels listed above. 

Buy in: $ 5,000
Guarantee: $ 100,000
Total entries: 25
Prize pool: $ 118,750
ITM: 4 places

The Super High Rollers ran a lengthy seven hours before the champion emerged. It started slow with only one table however by the end of registration, 25 entered to surpass the $ 100K guarantee. Five hours in, the final table was formed. It would take another hour for the money to flow. Player redrum railed BriedziantiTriedis on the bubble with tens over sevens.

Bubble hand

PetitFoxx led at four-handed and distanced further with a winning straight against redrum.

PetitFoxx continued to rise amassing two-thirds of the chips in play. However, the pile took a hit with redrum reclaiming the lost chips along with the chip lead. 

redrum proceeded to enter three showdowns which resulted in thefuckingwolf out in 4th place, a double up for Dropdead, then Dropdead eliminated in 3rd place. 

Entering heads up, redrum had the edge over PetitFoxx. Several exchanges went by, PetitFoxx jumped back out front. Both tugged at the chip lead with the final duel lasting over thirty minutes. The final hand arrived with PetitFoxx’s Q J winning the flip against 4 4 with a jack on the flop. 


1st PetitFoxx – Singapore – $ 53,383.12
2nd redrum – Malaysia – $ 32,809.23
3rd Dropdead – Malta – $ 20,164.54
4th thefuckingwolf – Thailand – $ 12,393.11 

Event #22: No Limit Hold’em Freeze Out – Shan Yang – $ 6,579.61

Shan Yang outlasted a field of 177 players to ship the second No Limit Hold’em Freeze Out event of the series. For the victory, Shan Yang turned a $ 200 buy in to a four figure payout of $ 6,579.61. 

Buy in: $ 200
Guarantee: $ 12,500
Total entries: 177
Prize pool: $ 33,099
ITM: 31 places 

Shan Yang kicked off the final table ahead in the count. Ten minutes later, Shan Yang claimed all of Special8’s stack after rivering a full house to overtake the straight. The shoves were at the flop. 

Credited the next bust out was ThePunisherr who rivered a flush against jimyycc. 

On the way to heads up, seiya railed ImNotFrench (7th), Boonz89 booted Armo OB (6th), then ThePunisherr earned a second final table victim in czdbx (5th). ThePunisherr had a dominating A K against A J. The flop ran clean, the turn awarded a jack to improve czdbx, then ThePunisherr breathed relief on the river K

ThePunisherr rails czdbx with a king on the river

Shan Yang also claimed a second head by finishing off Boonz89 in 4th place. To reach heads up, Shan Yang booted seiya in 3rd place with a gorgeous quad kings.

Shan Yang went on to defeat ThePunisherr with both players shoving premium hands preflop. Shan Yang dominated with queens over jacks. 

Final table payouts

1st Shan Yang – Netherlands – $ 6,579.61
2nd ThePunisherr – India – $ 4,873.29
3rd seiya – Japan – $ 3,609.55
4th Boonz89 – Singapore – $ 2,673.51
5th czdbx – Malaysia – $ 1,980.22
6th Armo OB – Vietnam – $ 1,466.70
7th ImNotFrench – Norway – $ 1,086.36
8th jimyycc – Hong Kong -$ 804.64
9th Special8 – Hong Kong$ 595.98

Event #23: Micro Monster Stack – yoshiro333 – $ 4,392.60

The largest field of the day was the $ 50 buy in Micro Monster Stack with 531 entries. Player yoshiro333 closed it out for a first series win and $ 4,392.60. 

Buy in: $ 50             
Guarantee: $ 10,000
Total entries: 531
Prize pool: $ 24,824.25
ITM: 89 places                         

yoshiro333 ends ChrisFinch

Catching the action at seven-handed with player Goldig backed by a very large stack, eventual winner yoshiro333 rivered a jack to end ChrisFinch. Goldig picked up more chips by railing pikapikapikachu out in 6th place, then GodSeven cracked ck6874‘s aces to stay in the running.

Five minutes later, yoshiro333 jumped to chip leader after eliminating ck6874 in 5th place. Player the best1 fell next leaving three hungry players. Numerous heated exchanges saw double ups awarded. With blinds escalating, it was a shove fest. Players were considered short stacked with the largest playing with only 13 bbs. Finally, a three-way shove brought about heads up with chip leader yoshiro333 versus GodSeven. 

From there, it was a quick dash to the finish with yoshiro333 railing GodSeven. The final hand saw both all in at the flop 2 Q 4; youshiro333 with top pair Q 5, GodSeven 8 4 mid pair. The turn was 10 and river 7.

Final table payouts

1st yoshiro333 – Japan – $ 4,392.60
2nd GodSeven – China – $ 3,187.56
3rd Goldig – Malaysia – $ 2,313.21
4th the best1 – Israel – $ 1,678.70
5th ck6874 – China – $ 1,218.23
6th pikapikapikachu – Hong Kong – $ 1,218.23
7th ChrisFinch – UK – $ 641.57
8th treb05 – Singapore – $ 465.58
9th arulary – Japan – $ 337.87

Event #24: Short Deck – tikkipokka – $ 3,550.05

The first Short Deck event joined in smashing its guarantee with 191 paying up the lowly $ 100 buy in to build a sweeter $ 17,858.50 prize pool. This was over three times the $ 5K guarantee. Winning it was player tikkipokka for $ 3,550.05. 

Buy in: $ 100
Guarantee: $ 5,000
Total entries: 191
Prize pool: $ 17,858.50
ITM: 31 places

The final table consisted of five players which immediately became four at the fall of pro player Mikhail Semin to kirrard28. 

Chip leader kirrard28 couldn’t hold on to the newly acquired stack, doubling up MVertigo on the next showdown. Despite the boost, MVertigo went down hard in 4th place at the hands of tikkipokka who got lucky on the board.

tikkipokka gets lucky, busts MVertigo

tikkipokka’s luck continued. All in at the flop, tikkipokka cracked kirrard28’s A A on the turn to face katoooo at heads up with a 5:1 advantage. 

katoooo trimmed the lead to 2:1 but tikkipokka charged back to a 5:1 gap. tikkipokka soon shipped it with a straight over two pair. 

Final table payouts

1st tikkipokka – Finland – $ 3,550.05
2nd katoooo – Japan – $ 2,629.37
3rd kirrard28 – Japan – $ 1,947.52
4th MVertigo – Japan – $ 1,442.49
5th Mikhail Semin – Russia – $ 1,068.42

Event #25: PLO Turbo – 3WW.. – $ 2,083.67

Closing out Day 5 was player 3WW.. at the PLO Turbo event turning $ 50 to a heftier $ 2,083.67. Also making it deep was player katoooo finishing 3rd just after taking 2nd at the Short Deck event. 

Buy in: $ 50
Guarantee: $ 5,000
Total entries: 231
Prize pool: $ 10,799.25
ITM: 39 places

3WW.. entered the final table (5 players) second in chips then took the lead after a winning pot against katoooo. 

3WW.. continued to rise by railing LicenseWin in 5th place to amass half the chips in play. After katoooo crippled Agasajo1, 3WW.. took the rest of it. 

At three-handed, LAMJON booted out katoooo in two winning shoves to face 3WW.. at heads up. 3WW.. still had a sizable 5:1 lead. LAMJON managed to double up but not more. 3WW.. nailed it shut with two pair higher kicker. 

Final table payouts

1st 3WW.. – South Africa – $ 2,083.67
2nd LAMJON – Hong Kong – $ 1,539.99
3rd katoooo – Japan – $ 1,138.24
4th Agasajo1 – Mexico – $ 841.30
5th LicenseWin – Japan – $ 621.82