APT Online Series India Final Day winners: Prashanth Sekar, Arjanveer Chadha Singh, Sandy Lamba, & macchi

Final day of the APT Online Series India at PokerBaazi.com saw the last five events claimed. The biggest winner was Rajat “happyfish” Mahajan for his victory at the MAIN EVENT. Read up on the action via our live updates and the solo recap. At the side events, Prashanth “Iveyleague” Sekar lifted a trophy at the Tuesday Major, Sandy “Ziigmund” Lamba closed with a second series win, Arjanveer Chadha “holdbaby” Singh and macchi both shipped their first. 


APT #53: Tuesday Major – PRASHANTH “Iveyleague” SEKAR – ₹ 5.29 lakhs (~US$ 7,250)

The last side event APT Trophy was at stake at the Tuesday Major with 545 runners hunting it down. Just past seven and a half hours of play, Prashanth “Iveyleague” Sekar came out victorious to claim it along with the ₹ 5.29 lakhs (~Us$ 7,250) first prize. 

Date: January 26
Buy in: ₹ 5,500 (~US$ 75.40)
Guarantee: ₹ 25 lakhs (~US$ 34,265) 
Entries: 545 (277 uniques / 268 re-entries)
Prize pool: ₹ 27.25 lakhs (~US$ 37,350)
ITM: 63 places 
Running time: 7 hours and 33 minutes 

Picking up the action at the final table with Saurabh “twister” Rohilla in the lead having eliminated “dotcomm” in 10th place with A J nut flush over A K and “thatswhtshesaid” in 9th. However, the final table wasn’t friendly to Rohilla, losing two big pots then out of the running in 8th place to Sekar who had 9 9 full house to defeat A Q two pair.  

Next to tumble was Shiv “Darkside2dot0” Verma who was all in on the river with Q 10 flush on a board 3 A K A 2 that was behind Sekar’s 2 2 full house. This gave Sekar half the chips in play with 6 players remaining. After “mittpop” eliminated both Akshay “AkshayP” Pathak (6th) and Gaurav “gaug17” Sood (5th), a long four handed round followed that ended with the downfall of Madhav “goacartel” Gupta (4th) to chip leader Sekar. 

With 2/3 of the chips in play at Sekar’s disposal, he denied Pranav “pranavpoker” Khandalkar (3rd) for his fourth victim. It was all in preflop with Sekar’s 10 10 improving to a straight on a board 6 J K A Q to beat A Q two pair. Heads up was very lopsided with Sekar ahead 5:1. Sekar went on to win it with A 8 dominating A 2

Final table payouts

1st Prashanth “Iveyleague” Sekar – ₹ 5.29 lakhs
2nd mittpop – ₹ 3.71 lakhs
3rd Pranav “pranavpoker” Khandalkar – ₹ 2.39 lakhs
4th Madhav “goacartel” Gupta – ₹ 1.77 lakhs
5th Gaurav “gaug17” Sood – ₹ 1.32 lakhs
6th Akshay “AkshayP” Pathak – ₹ 1.06 lakhs
7th Shiv “Darkside2dot0” Verma – ₹ 88.56K
8th Saurabh “twister” Rohilla – ₹ 70.58K

APT #51: Turbo 5 LAC – ARJANVEER CHADHA “holdbaby” SINGH – ₹ 1.05L (~US$ 1,439)

 After three final table appearances, Arjanveer Chadha “holdbaby” Singh finally closed one out on his fourth visit. Singh demolished the final table of the Turbo 5 LAC event, railing five of the eight players to seize the win and the ₹ 1.05 lakhs (~US$ 1,439) first prize. 

Date: January 26
Buy in: ₹ 1,375 (~US$ 18.80)
Guarantee: ₹ 5 lakhs (~US$ 6,850)
Entries: 379 (197 uniques / 182 re-entries)
Prize pool: ₹ 5 lakhs
ITM: 45 places
Running time: 4 hours and 52 minutes 

The first turbo event of the final day clocked in at just under 5 hours. 379 entered with only the top 45 places earning a piece of the ₹ 5 lakhs (~US$ 6,850) pot. Arjanveer Chadha “holdbaby” Singh went on a knockout spree at the final table booting Vikranth “borntrouble” Varma (8th), Prakash “pinnug” Gupta (7th), and Vivekk “Vivek25” Dube (5th), to amass an enormous stack at four handed. Next out was Aditya “KesarDa” Kesharwani (4th) who fell to Dhruv “Gowani123” Jain then Jain briefly stole the lead after shipping a double up against Singh with A K dominating K 2. Singh recovered and more by downing Gaurav “gaug17” Sood in 3rd place to regain the advantage. Two minutes later, Singh finished off Jain with K 10 rivering the ten to beat A 3


Final table payouts 

1st Arjanveer Chadha “holdbaby” Singh – ₹ 1.05L
2nd Dhruv “Gowani123” Jain – ₹ 73.5K
3rd Gaurav “gaug17” Sood – ₹ 47.25K
4th Aditya “KesarDa” Kesharwani – ₹ 35K
5th Vivekk “Vivek25” Dube – ₹ 26.25K
6th Mohak “Tiltin” Kapoor – ₹ 21K
7th Prakash “pinnug” Gupta – ₹ 17.5K
8th Vikranth “borntrouble” Varma – ₹ 14K

APT #54: Turbo 10L – MACCHI- ₹ 2.16 lakhs (~US$ 2,960)

The second Turbo event had a higher guarantee of 10 lakhs, and with 412 turning up, it was surpassed for a final prize pool worth ₹ 10.3 lakhs 14,117). 45 players earned a cut with player “macchi” locking up the lion’s share ₹ 2.16 lakhs (~US$ 2,960). 

Date: January 26
Buy in: ₹ 2,750 (~US$ 47.70)
Guarantee: ₹ 10 lakhs (~US$ 13,700)
Entries: 412 (222 uniques / 190 re-entries) 
Prize pool: ₹ 10.3 lakhs 14,117)  
ITM: 45 places 
Running time: 4 hours and 36 minutes 

Final table action was initially dominated by Vivekk “Vivek25” Dube who eliminated Shivam “shivam699” Kjhandelwal (8th) and Guruprasad “fish_calling” Gupta (7th). In both cases, Dube was ahead throughout. Player “Jougan” emptied out player “tran” (6th) with J J holding against A 10. From there, the next four heads were claimed by macchi. To bust Ankit “d00mtr00p3r” Wadhawan (5th), macchi’s Q 6 spiked a queen to outdraw A 8. Against Sandeep “effuno” Varma (4th), macchi had a dominating K K over 9 9, and to reach heads up, macchi finished off Dube with pocket Nines over A7s that missed the board. 

Kicking off the final chase, macchi was up 5:1 in chips. On the third hand, macchi shipped it all by burning  Jougan’s A 10 top pair with A 8 that both paired up. 

Final table payouts

1st macchi – ₹ 2.16 lakhs
2nd Jougan – ₹ 1.51 lakhs
3rd Vivekk “Vivek25” Dube – ₹ 97.34K
4th Sandeep “effuno” Varma – ₹ 72.1K
5th Ankit “d00mtr00p3r” Wadhawan – ₹ 54.08K
6th tran – ₹ 43.26K
7th Guruprasad “fish_calling” Gupta – ₹ 36.05K
8th Shivam “shivam699” Kjhandelwal – ₹ 28.84K 

APT #55: After Party –  SANDY “Ziigmund” LAMBA – ₹ 72.9K (~US$ 1,000)

It took four bullets for Sandy “Ziigmund” Lamba to close out the After Party tournament and earn his second win this series. For his victory, Lamba pocketed the ₹ 72.9K (~US$ 1,000) first prize. The final event of the series drew 330 to the tables with 33 gaining a piece of the ₹ 3.3 lakhs (~US$ 4,500) prize pool. At heads up, Lamba defeated Kuldeep “Bacchapro” Jorwal  with K 10 flush over Q J.  

Date: January 26
Buy in: ₹ 1,100 (~US$ 15)
Guarantee: ₹ 3 lakhs (~US$ 4,110) 
Entries: 330 (187 uniques / 143 re-entries) 
Prize pool: ₹ 3.3 lakhs (~US$ 4,500)
ITM: 36 places 
Running time: 4 hours and 7 minutes

Final table payouts

1st Sandy “Ziigmund” Lamba – ₹ 72.9K
2nd Kuldeep “Bacchapro” Jorwal – ₹ 51.5K
3rd Muthukumar “hero1965” Rajagopalan – ₹ 32.9K
4th fzzzyyy – ₹ 24.35K
5th Gaurav “gaug17” Sood – ₹ 18.28K
6th Shashank “indianrat” Desai – ₹ 14.62K
7th Anudeep “zeroseven” Gupta – ₹ 12.14K
8th Dhaval “dhavhe” Heda – ₹ 9,735