APT Online Series final day! APT Championships to exceed $500K; Player of the Series race heats up; Day 11 event recaps inside

Good morning players! After 11 days of thrilling action, we have reached the final day of the inaugural APT Online Series! The online festival has been running since April 29 at GG Network Natural8. Over $ 3 million has been paid out. All APT Online Series results can be found via the link below: 

Event Results

For the final stretch, we have seven games lined  up which include the ongoing featured APT Championships and Monster Stack. 

APT Online Series schedule 

Last night, the $ 800 buy in APT Championships obliterated its $ 250K guarantee with a thunderous 622 entries across four flights. Players are now looking at an inflated $ 472,720 prize pool which is expected to grow further with one turbo flight taking place today. The title is up for grabs, it could be yours! Make sure to sign up to Natural8 to have a chance at the crown!  

Ongoing as well is the $ 300 buy in Monster Stack event with one flight remaining. Yesterday, a combined 200 entered across two flights for a current prize pool of $ 56,100. Info on both these events are detailed below including recaps on completed Day 11 events. 

APT Player of the Series update

Bottleneck! It is a tight race for the APT Player of the Series title with several players very close in points. Up top is multi winner “putipupu” who stole the lead from DblBarrel in Day 11. Also jumping ranks was Ho Bao Qiang “Yummers” who moved from 10th position to 4th rank. Yummers cashed in an incredible six events in Day 11. He is clearly the hungriest player in the roster and will be the one to keep tabs on throughout the final day. 

Top 10 players

APT Player of the Series standings 

Ongoing Events

Featured: APT Championships 

Flight A: 31 advanced out of 119 entries 
Flight B: 32 advanced out of 115 entries
Flight C: 43 advanced out of 165 entries
Flight D: 59 advanced out of 223 entries 
Flight E (Turbo): May 10 @ 16:00 (HKT)
Final Day: May 10 @ 20:00 (HKT)

Buy in: $ 800 
Guarantee: $ 250,000
Cumulative Entries: 622
Cumulative Prize Pool: $ 472,720
Final Day Qualifiers: 164

Top 10 in chips and Flight leaders

Flight A: hoyintai – 438,451
Flight B: Loris51 – 481,433
Flight C: HoneyFunny – 441,172
Flight D: honeytv.tv – 562,449

Live Reporting will start at 20:00 (HKT) once the Final Day begins. The final table will stream live via our official channels: 

Kosei Ichinose Twitch TV
Hong Kong Poker Players Association (HKPPA) YouTube channel

Event 49: Monster Stack

The last Monster Stack event of the series attracted 200 across two opening flights. Like its predecessors, it easily breached the $ 30K guarantee, and with one flight remaining, players may see it triple up.

Flight C takes place on May 12 at 16:00 (HKT). Blinds go up every ten minutes. Late registration is available for 130 minutes. The flight closes at the end of Level 15. Advancing players will immediately be moved to the Final Day roster. The Final Day takes place on the same day at 19:00 (HKT). 

Flight A: 40 advanced out of 104 entries 
Flight B: 35 advanced out of 96 entries 
Flight C: TBD

Buy in: $ 300 
Guarantee: $ 30,000
Cumulative Entries: 200
Cumulative Prize Pool: $ 56,100
Combined Final Day Qualifiers: 75

Top 10 in chips

Day 11 Event Results

Event 45: No Limit Hold’em – bnet01 – $ 8,149.88

Player bnet01 was awarded the first event of Day 11, defeating a field of 161 at the No Limit Hold’em. In the end, a deal was reached and the title was determined on a flip against PapaOfSun.  

Winning hand

Buy in: $ 300 
Guarantee: $ 15,000 
Entries: 161
Prize pool: $ 45,160.50
ITM: 26 places

bnet01 delivered the first casualty of the final table by railing luckbased888. The next eliminations were at the hands of various players. At four-handed, PapaOfSun cracked foldnutsjam1’s A A with 8 5 on a board 8 5 9 4 2 with the shoves on the flop. bnet01 booted AfternoonAA next to enter heads up in the lead. A deal was immediately reached and bnet01 won it on the flip. 

Final table payouts

1st bnet01 – $ 8,149.88 (deal)
2nd PapaOfSun – $ 7,849.99 (deal)
3rd AfternoonAA – $ 5,183.87
4th foldnutsjam1 – $ 3907.66
5th cliffbooth – $ 2,945.63
6th ChrisFinch – $ 2,220.45
7th xDTzx – $ 1,673.80
8th jimyycc – $ 1,261.73
9th luckbased888 – $ 951.10

Event 46: Progressive Bounty – -AC- – $ 7,6660.44

199 punters turned up for the Progressive Bounty tournament and with each one paying the $ 300 buy in, the prize pool fattened up to three times its guarantee. After four hours of play, player -AC- shipped it for a score of $ 3,300.89. In addition, -AC- claimed an enormous $ 4,359.55 in bounty rewards to pocket a combined total $ 7,660.44. 

Buy in: $ 200 
Guarantee: $ 12,500 
Entries: 199
Prize pool: $ 37,213
ITM: 31 places

Jumping in the action during the bubble round, C.Darwin went bust with red sevens unable to hold up against TheAlchemist$ A 7 flush. 

Bubble bursts!

With the money secured, it would take one hour before the final table was formed with IfYouWantNo!8 as chip leader. 

On the way to heads up, the virtual round was dominated by IfYouWantNo!8, ChokDeeKrap, and -AC-, that it was no surprise to see them at three-handed. -AC- proceeded to rail ChokDeeKrap to carry in the lead for the title. A deal was immediately discussed and reached. 

It took another thirty minutes for the winner to emerge. -AC- never relinquished the lead to eventually defeat IfYouWantNo!8. Final hand was A 9 over 7 7 and a board 8 A 8 3 4

Final table payouts

1st -AC- – $ 7,6660.44 – deal –  (includes $ 4,359.55 in bounties) 
2nd IfYouWantNo!8 – $ 4,599.83 – deal – (includes $ 1,462.42 in bounties)
3rd ChokDeeKrap – $ 2,800.46 (includes $ 771.37 in bounties)
4th TheAlchemist$ – $ 2,481.75 (includes $ 978.74 in bounties)
5th Goldig – $ 1,713.62 (includes $ 600.45 in bounties)
6th Rabbitlung – $ 894.62 (includes $ 70.12 in bounties)
7th dalyc – $ 1,130.78 (includes $ 520.09 in bounties)
8th czdbx – $ 569.19 (includes $ 116.87 in bounties)
9th NewLife69DP – $ 486.96 (includes $ 151.94 in bounties) 

Event 47: High Roller Turbo – putipupu – $ 11,966.81

Event 1 Monster Stack champion “putipupu” added a second series title by powering through the 110 field of the High Roller Turbo. Not only did putipupu pocket the single largest Day 11 prize money worth $ 11,966.81, putipupu also zoomed from 9th rank in the APT Player of the Series leader board to the top of the heap. putipupu joined the exclusive group of multi winners – fish3098, readytoship, Dosobyc, Floatingworld, and tikkipokka with two titles each.

Winning hand

Buy in: $ 500 
Guarantee: $ 15,000
Entries: 110
Prize pool: $ 52,250
ITM: 15 places

During the bubble round, sb davido770 shoved J 6 and shorter stacked bb samsam81 called with A K. davido770 hit the flop, smasam81 overtook on the turn, then davido770 rivered trips. 

Swift action followed to form the final table in less than ten minutes. With no change in pace, Florian Gaugusch dropped first then singo618 railed Vincent Li “Peleus34” and JYFRmoon. The next two were delivered by putipupu on a double bust to amass half the chips in play at four-handed. 

Ho Bao Qiang “Yummers” jumped to second in chips on a successful bluff against davido770. Button davido770 min-raised and bb Yummers defended. At the flop 3 Q 8, both checked. On the turn 3, Yummers jumped out with bet, called by davido770. On the river K, Yummers fired another, davido770 folded, Yummers showed 9 5.  

putipupu distanced further by eliminating singo618 in 4th place. This gave putipupu two-thirds of the chips in play. putipupu continued to rise,  railing Yummers in 3rd place with a flush over a straight. 

With a 7:1 lead, putipupu and davido770 went at it.  davido770 doubled up twice to trim the gap significantly however on the third called push, it was putipupu who prevailed with a winning flush to top pair. 

Final table payouts

1st putipupu – $ 11,966.81
2nd david0770 – $ 9,010.60
3rd Yummers – $ 6,784.71
4th singo618 – 5,108.68
5th ironman666 – $ 3,846.68
6th HalfKid – $ 2,896.43
7th JYFRmoon – $ 2,180.93
8th Peleus34 – $ 1,642.17
9th Florian Gaugusch – $ 1,448.49

Event 48: NLH Turbo – mochalov13! – $ 2,914.97

The NLH Turbo stayed true to its name with the event wrapping up in just two and a half hours. 336 signed up for a pot spilling over $ 15K. mochalov13! brought in the largest stack to the final table, applied intense pressure to every opponent in the round, and went on to win it for $ 2,914.97. 

Buy in: $ 50
Guarantee: $ 10,000
Entries: 336
Prize pool: $ 15,708
ITM: 55 places

Final table payouts

1st mochalov13! – $ 2,914.97
2nd Rocky999 – $ 2,136.50
3rd Loris51 – $ 1,566.05
4th dealwithit – $ 1,147.91
5th katoooo – $ 841.41
6th mommyfinger – $ 616.75
7th jimmhu – $ 452.08
8th MissClicker – $ 331.37
9th pwandwan – $ 242.89

Event 50: No Limit Hold’em Freeze Out – GodBlesCouplCunselin – $ 6,220.86

166 came out for the No Limit Hold’em Freeze Out tournament and in the end it was GodBlesCouplCunselin with all the chips and the $ 6,220.86 first prize. 

Winning hand

Buy in: $ 200
Guarantee: $ 10,000
Entries: 166
Prize Pool: $ 31,042
ITM: 27 places

Three and a half hours in and the final table was formed with leoliu888 leading.  

Final table

Action followed… BigDC989 denied wong0410 (9th), GodBlesCouplCunselin doubled up through shorta222, MandyC shaved down the leader leoliu888 then railed bumbum-Granada. (8th). HoneyFunny helped trim the virtual felt by finishing off leoliu888 (7th) and DylanG did the same to shorta222 (6th). HoneyFunny had back to back pocket nines with the first one losing to GodBlesCoupleCunselin then delivering a bad beat to BigDC989’s pocket queens with a set on the turn. Big DC989 out in 5th place.

HoneyFunny began to speed away, railing DylanG next then MandyC to enter heads up with a 6:1 advantage. GodBlesCouplCunselin doubled up three times to take the lead and eventually close it out. 

Final table payouts

1st GodBlesCouplCunselin – $ 6,220.86
2nd HoneyFunny – $ 4,705.51
3rd MandyC – $ 3,559.38
4th DylanG – $ 2,692.42
5th BigDC989 – $ 2,036.62
6th shorta222 – $ 1,540.56
7th leoliu888 – $ 1,165.32
8th bumbum.Granada – $ 881.49
9th wong0410 – $ 666.78

Event 51: Micro Monster Stack – zhangyk – $ 4,467.25

The most popular side event of Day 11 was the Micro Monster with a rush of 540 to pump up the prize pool to over $ 25K. It took five hours to complete with zhangyk shipping it for a $ 4,467.25 payday. 

Buy in: $ 50
Guarantee: $ 10,000
Entries: 540
Prize Pool: $ 25,245
ITM: 89 places

It wasn’t until four-handed did zhangyk claim a first final table bust in tietouguo. This was immediately followed with a second bust, denying Brian1217 in 3rd place. With a 9;1 heads up advantage against floboyer, the hot running zhangyk closed it out after a quick one minute. 

Final table payouts

1st zhangyk – $ 4,467.25
2nd floboyer – $ 3,241.58
3rd Brian1217 – $ 2,352.42
4th tietouguo – $ 1,707.15
5th l2ut – $ 1,238.87
6th Yu0826 – $ 899.05
7th nonrio – $ 652.44
8th qkqhemf – $ 473.47
9th shopmaker505 – $ 343.60

Event 52: High Roller Turbo – WhiteChick – $ 11,749.24

Another High Roller Turbo event was on tap with 108 taking interest to triple up and more the $ 15K guarantee. Three and a half hours later, the title was claimed by WhiteChick along with the $ 11,749.24 first prize. 

Winning hand

Buy in: $ 500
Guarantee: $ 15,000
Entries: 108
Prize Pool: $ 51,300
ITM: 15 places

The final table was formed at the fall of two players simultaneously at separate tables. One of them was Yummers with queens losing the battle against scissrthread. 

scissrthread went on to take those chips to heads up railing two players along the way. For WhiteChick, the eventual champion came out swinging at the final table knocking out two players simultaneously – Kosei Ichinose and MAMOHT_T. 

WhiteChick eliminated two more along the way to face scissrthread at heads up. WhiteChick was up 3:1 and kept increasing to even reach a 9:1 lead. However, scissrthread went on a rush, grinding and doubling up to even up and steal the lead briefly. Once WhiteChick regained, WhiteChick closed it out. 

Final table payouts

1st WhiteChick – $ 11,749.24
2nd scissrthread – $ 8,846.77
3rd LiuTzuYun168 – $ 6,661.35
4th MrUnagi! – $ 5,015.80
5th LEN1234980 – $ 3,776.74
6th LSBB – $ 2,843.77
7th Kosei Ichinose – $ 2,141.27
8th MAMOHT_T – $ 1,612.32
9th kieeES28 – $ 1,422.15

Event 53: PLO Turbo – DirtyDuck – $ 1,984.02

The final winner of the day was DirtyDuck taking down the PLOTurbo event for $ 1,984.02. DirtyDuck triumphed over 217 runners, defeating Natural8 Team Hot Kosei Ichinose at heads up. 

Buy in: $ 50
Guarantee: $ 5,000
Entries: 217
Prize Pool: $ 10,144.75
ITM: 35 places

First final table bust saw Bin51668 fall to Shining. DirtyDuck claimed the next one sending out Affogator. Kosei Ichinose doubled up through DirtyDuck. DirtyDuck made up the lost chips by railing two players back to back, reichhardt then Shining. DirtyDuck entered heads up with a substantial lead against Kosei. It didn’t take long for the final hand to arrive. DirtyDuck shipped it with a flush.

Final table payouts

1ST DirtyDuck – $ 1,984.02
2ND Kosei Ichinose – $ 1,467.45
3rd Shining – $ 1,085.47
4th reichhardt – $ 802.91
5th Affogator – $ 593.91
6th Bin51668 – $ 439.31