APT Macau 2010 Main Event Final Eight Set

The Asian Poker Tour (APT) Macau 2010 continued earlier today with Day 3 of the Main Event where 18 players began play all hoping to get a seat in tomorrow’s Final Table.

Within three hours of constant poker action, the list was dwindled down to the last eight who remains in contention for the Main Event title.

Leading the pack is 36-year old Sunny Jung, a poker pro from South Korea. He has a total of 602,500 chips. Zhang Dan Peng of China and Bjoern Wiesler of Germany complete the top three.

How does each of the final eight stack up against each other? Here’s a quick look. 

Name: Elton Tsang
Seat No: 1
Chip Count: 117,000 (4th)
Country: Hong Kong
Age: 30
Affiliation/Team: Poker King Club
Work: Poker Pro
Notes: Busted out Phil Ivey, Jeff Lisandro and Chau Giang in the early rounds!

Name: Bjoern Wiesler
Seat No: 2
Chip Count: 205,000 (3rd)
Country: Germany
Age: 34
Nickname: Dr. Eldoradon
Affiliation/Team: Asia Poker Academy
Work: Poker Pro/ Poker Coach

Name: Zhang Dan Peng
Seat No: 3
Chip Count: 394,000 (2nd)
Country: China
Age: 18
Work: Student
Others: qualified in one of the satellite events earlier this week.

Name: Aaron Lim
Seat No: 4
Chip Count: 60,000 (7th)
Country: Australia
Age: 24
Nickname: Magure
Work: Student

Name: Li You Nan
Seat No: 5
Chip Counts: 49,000 (8th)
Country: China
Age: 48
Work: Poker Pro

Name: Sparrow Cheung Park Yu
Seat No: 6
Chip Count: 108,500 (5th)
Country: Hong Kong
Age: 29
Nickname: Sparrow
Work: Property Developer

Name: Sunny Jung 
Seat No: 7
Chip Counts: 602,500 (1st)
Country: South Korea
Age: 36
Work: Poker Pro

Name: Daniel Neilson
Seat No: 8
Chip Count: 73,000 (6th)
Country: Australia
Age: 23
Work: Dolphin Trainer
Notes: Ranked #1 in Australia Poker Rankings