APT Kick-Off Vietnam: final festival wrap, last side winners, and Tanja Vujanic for Player of the Series

After 12 days of nonstop poker running from January 10 to 21, the Asian Poker Tour wrapped up another fun-filled series at partner venue Pro Poker Club. The 25-event schedule of APT Kick-Off Vietnam was the tour’s first for the 2020 calendar season. 41 nations were represented with 394 unique players. The festival drew 1,889 entries for a grand prize pool of VND 23,377,970,000, equivalent to over US$ 1 Million. 

Thank you to all the players that attended and to all the staff that helped ensure a successful and smooth-running season-opener. We will return to Vietnam in April and June but first we make our way to Taipei City for another 12-day series. APT Taiwan 2020 takes place from March 4 to 15 at the Chinese Texas Hold’em Poker Association. NT$ 14,000,000 (~US$ 465,000) in guaranteed prizes awaits. We hope to see everyone there! 

APT Player of the Series winners

To wrap up the opener, we have several players that deserve plenty of applause. At the top is Australia’s Tanja Vujanic for earning the tour’s most distinguished APT Player of the Series title. She was awarded the APT POS 1st place Trophy, APT POS Ring, exclusive watch, and US$ 800. 

Vujanic cashed in four events with a victory at the Monster Stack (results below). She accrued 801.80 points. Vujanic’s achievements:

1st place: Monster Stack
2nd place: Head Hunter event
4th place: Deep Stack Turbo
7th place: Pot Limit Omaha Hi 

Finishing 2nd place at the APT POS race was China’s Xiao Yu Cheng with 751.67 points. Xiao was awarded the APT POS 2nd place Trophy and US$ 100. 

Xiao cashed in an impressive five events, two of them at the featured events. Xiao’s achievements: 

10th place: Main Event
4th place: Championships Event
3rd place: Deep Stack Turbo
4th place: Super Deep Stack Turbo
5th place: NLH Single Day 

Securing 3rd place was Singapore’s Lu Zheng Hao with 737.40 points. Hao was the first player at the series to win two titles. In total, he had four cashes. He was awarded the APT POS 3rd place trophy and US$ 100.

Hao’s achievements: 

1st place: No Limit Hold’em 1
1st place: Deep Stack Turbo 3
6th place: Deep Stack Turbo 1
13th place: Head Hunter

Final side event winners

Monster Stack: TANJA VUJANIC – VND 234,690,000 

The Monster Stack event book-ended the series bringing 92 runners to battle for the lion’s share of the VND 892,400,000 prize pool. During the bubble round, Tanja Vujanic lost a portion of her stack by doubling up a player but held on to reach the final table where she faced a loaded lineup. She went on to defeat Cho Yi Pang at heads up to ship her first APT title and the VND 234,690,000 (~US$ 10,100) first prize.

Buy-in: VND 11,000,000 (~US$ 475)
Entries: 92
Prize pool: VND 892,400,000 (~US$ 38,500)
ITM: 16 places

High Rollers Single Day: YOHWAN LIM – VND 300,000,000 (~US$ 13,000) 

Joining the series exclusive multi-winner club was Yohwan Lim aka BoxeR after taking down the last High Rollers event scheduled. BoxeR prevailed over a powerhouse field with players such as Alex Wei Xiang Lee, Choi Eng Loong, Soo Jo Kim, and Vincent Kwung Ngai Li. Li was on the hunt for his third HR win here but missed the mark, falling before the money round. At three-handed, BoxeR, Lee, and Kim struck an ICM deal that awarded Lee the higher cut. They went on to play for the side cash and the trophy, BoxeR reined it in. 

Buy-in: VND 40,000,000 (~US$ 1,700)
Entries: 29
Prize pool: VND 1,125,200,000 (~US$ 48,500)
ITM: 5 places

Deep Stack Turbo 4: TAN WAH MENG – VND 52,110,000

Buy-in: VND 6,600,000 (~US$ 285)
Entries: 25
Prize pool: VND 151,320,000 (~US$ 6,500)
ITM: 5 places

Deep Stack Hyper Turbo: SUH SEONG HYUN – VND 49,095,000 (~US$ 2,100)

Buy-in: VND 5,500,000 (~US$ 240)
Entries: 30
Prize pool: VND 145,500,000 (~US$ 6,200)
ITM: 5 places

APT Kick-Off Vietnam winners

The festival awarded 25 champions, congratulations to all the winners! Pocketing the largest was South Africa’s Rayhaan Adam for his impressive victory at the featured Main Event. This was Adam’s first-ever tour appearance and tour cash. He triumphed over 365 entries. 

Rayhaan Adam

Winnig the featured Championships Event was Vietnamese pro Harry Duong for his second-ever APT championship title. Duong topped a 160-entry field. 

Harry Duong

Full APT Kick-Off Vietnam results

You can also relive the Final 8 action of the featured events and select games via our media channels APT Twitch and APT YouTube. 

MAIN EVENT: Rayhaan Adam – VND 1,731,440,000 (~US$ 74,700)
CHAMPIONSHIPS EVENT: Harry Duong – VND 1,330,000,000 (~US$ 57,400)

Event 1: Kick-off – Van Tiep Nguyen – VND 264,590,000 (~US$ 11,400)
Event 2: Pot Limit Omaha #1 – Vijaykumar Ramasamy – VND 51,900,000 (~US$ 2,200)
Event 3:  Deep Stack Turbo #1 – Kovantsev Viacheslav – VND 82,180,000 (~US$ 3,500
Event 4: No Limit Hold’em #1 – Lu Zheng Hao – VND 123,280,000 (~US$ 5,300)
Event 5: Deep Stack Turbo #2 – Aleksei Varashev – VND 84,010,000 (~US$ 3,600)
Event 6: No Limit Hold’em Single Day #1 – Junho Hyeon – VND 88,030,000 (~US$ 3,800)
Event 7: High Rollers Single Day #1 – Duc Bien Nguyen – VND 205,230,000 (~US$ 8,800)
Event 8: High Rollers Single Day #2 – Vincent Kwun Ngai Li – VND 175,600,000 (~US$ 7,500)
Event 9: Head Hunter VND 2M Bounty – Nguyen Quang Minh – VND 116,500,000 (~US$ 5,000)
Event 10: Pot Limit Omaha #2 – Jin Pyeonggyu – VND 129,990,000 (~US$ 5,600)
Event 11: Super High Rollers – Yohwan Lim – VND 746,900,000 (~US$ 32,200)
Event 12: Deep Stack Turbo #3 – Lu Zheng Hao – VND 119,940,000 (~US$ 5,100) 
Event 13: No Limit Hold’em Single Day #2 – Jin Pyeonggyu – VND 143,370,000 (~US$ 6,100)
Event 14: Super Deep Stack Turbo – Jiang Zhen – VND 141,080,000 (~US$ 6,000)
Event 15: Deep Stack Hyper Turbo #1 – Zhou Yueyang – VND 80,390,000 (~US$ 3,400)
Event 16: No Limit Hold’em #2 – Jerome Bradpiece – VND 129,990,000 (~US$ 5,600)
Event 17: High Rollers Single Day #3 – Vincent Kwun Ngai Li – VND 244,440,000 (~US$ 10,500)
Event 18: WeLoveSport Deep Stack Turbo – Kong Chisung – VND 85,840,000 (~US$ 3,700)
Event 19: High Rollers – Punnat Punsri – VND 150,000,000 (~US$ 6,400)
Event 20: Monster Stack – Tanja Vujanic – VND 234,690,000 (~US$ 10,100)
Event 21: Deep Stack Turbo #4 – Tan Wah Meng – Singapore – VND 52,100,000 (~US$ 2,200)
Event 22: Deep Stack Hyper Turbo #2 – Suh Seong Hyun – VND 49,095,000 (~US$ 2,100)
Event 23: High Rollers Single Day #4 – Yohwan Lim  – VND 300,000,000 (~US$ 13,000)

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