APT Korea 2021 “The Real” Hold’em Tournament

Event Schedule

The APT Korea 2021 will run from August 13 to 15, 2021.

 APT Korea 2021 "The Real" Hold'em Tournament
7월 3일 Sat
13:00 Main 230M Event Day1A 6 Tickets
7월 4일 Sun
11:00 Main 230M Event Day1B 6 Tickets
 7월 10일 Sat
13:00 Main 230M Event Day1C 6 Tickets
 7월 17일 Sat
13:00 Main 230M Event Day1D 6 Tickets
7월18일 Sun
13:00 Main 230M Event Day1E 6 Tickets
7월 24일 Sat
13:00 Main 230M Event Day1F 6 Tickets
 7월 25일 Sun
13:00 Main 230M Event Day1G 6 Tickets
8월 13일 Fri
13:00 Main 200M Event Day2 Day1 25%
14:00 Monster Stack Event(170) 5 Tickets
17:00 Satellite 5: Championships Event (1in6) 3 Tickets
8월 14일 Sat
13:00 Championships 150M Event Day1(150) 14 Tickets
14:00 Main 200M Event -Final(9)  
15:00 Deep Stack Turbo (140) 4 Tickets
8월 15일 Sun
13:00 Championships 150M Event Day2(30) Day 1 20%
14:00 No Limit Hold'em Single Day Event(140) 3 Tickets
16:00 Deep Stack Hyper Turbo (140) 2 Tickets


Event  Prize Event Type
APT Korea Main Event 23,000 3-day Event 
Event 1: Championship 15,000 2-day Event
Event 2: Monster Stack  6,000 Single Day Event
Event 3: Deep stack turbo 4,000 Single Day Event
Event 4: NLH Single Day 3,000 Single Day Event
Event 5: Deep Stack Hyper Turbo 2,000 Single Day Event


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Further details to be posted soon.

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Further details to be posted soon.

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Hotel Accomodations
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Tournament Registration

The event is invitational. Further details can be found on https://itspoker.co.kr/home or you can send an email to mr.gony@gmail.com

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Results of the APT Korea - Seoul and Incheon 2020 will be posted on our Events & Results page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please feel free to get in touch with our support team for any questions you may have via Media@TheAsianPokerTour.com

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