APT Finale Philippines 2018

Event Schedule

The APT Finale Philippines 2018 is scheduled from November 27 to December 6, 2018 at Resorts World Manila, Pasay, Philippines.

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Events Buy-In (PHP) Fee (PHP)
Nov. 27 to Dec. 6
  Sit N Go's on Demand NLH 5K - 50K 500 - 5,000
  Sit N Go's on Demand OFC Pineapple (Regular/Progressive) 10K - 100K 1K - 10K
Tue, Nov 27
13:00 Event 1: APT-RWM Opening Event 1,000,000 GTD* 10,000 1,000
14:00 Special Event: Super High Rollers Day 1 500,000 2.5% of Prize Pool
18:00 Satellite 1: Main Event 5,500 500
Wed, Nov 28
13:00 Main Event Day 1A 10,000,000 GTD 50,000 5,000
13:00 Super High Rollers Final Day    
14:00 Event 2: Pot Limit Omaha Hi* 15,000 1,500
18:00 Satellite 2: Main Event 5,500 500
Thu, Nov 29
13:00 Main Event Day 1B 10,000,000 GTD 50,000 5,000
14:00 Event 3: NLH Single Day Event "Shot Clock" 15,000 1,500
17:00 Satellite 3: Main Event Last Chance "1 in 5" 11,000 1,000
Fri, Nov 30
13:00 Main Event Day 2 10,000,000 GTD 50,000 5,000
14:00 Event 4: "Short Deck" NLH (Shot Clock)* 15,000 1,500
17:00 Satellite 4: High Rollers 11,000 1,000
18:00 Satellite 5: Championships Event 16,500 1,500
Sat, Dec 1
13:00 Main Event Day 3 10,000,000 GTD    
14:00 Event 5: High Rollers Day 1 100,000 7,500
15:00 Event 6: NLH (Shot Clock)* 20,000 2,000
18:00 Event 7: MegaSportsWorld Deep Stack Turbo 1,000,000 GTD 5,000 500
Sun, Dec 2
13:00 Event 8: NLH Single Day Event 1 15,000 1,500
13:00 High Rollers Final Day    
13:30 Main Event Final Eight 10,000,000 GTD    
14:00 Event 9: "Short Deck" High Rollers Single Day (Shot Clock) 100,000 7,500
18:00 Satellite 6: Championships Event 16,500 1,500
Mon, Dec 3
13:00 Championships Event Day 1 10,000,000 GTD 150,000 15,000
15:00 Event 10: NLH Single Day Event 2 15,000 1,500
18:00 Satellite 7: Championships Event Last Chance "1 in 5" 33,000 3,000
Tue, Dec 4
13:00 Championships Event Day 2 10,000,000 GTD 150,000 15,000
14:00 Event 11: Super Deep Stack Turbo 10,000 1,000
17:00 Event 12: WeLoveSport.com Deep Stack Hyper Turbo 5,000 500
22:30 Players Party    
Wed, Dec 5
13:00 Championships Event Day 3 10,000,000 GTD    
15:00 Event 13: Monster Stack Day 1 2,000,000 GTD 25,000 2,500
18:00 Event 14: Deep Stack Turbo 5,000 500
Thu, Dec 6
13:00 Monster Stack Final Day 2,000,000 GTD    
13:30 Championships Event Final Eight 10,000,000 GTD    
14:00 Event 15: Deep Stack Hyper Turbo 5,000 500
14:00 Event 16: High Rollers Single Day (Shot Clock) 200,000 15,000

Multiple re-entry allowed before the close of registration

Best stack forward format:

  • Players that qualify to Day 2 from a previous Day 1 may re-enter a new Starting Day.
  • Players qualifying with multiple stacks to Day 2 will only play their largest stack. Other stacks will be removed from play.
  • Players are allowed to forfeit their stack before close of registration to re-enter.

Shot Clock Events:

  • The Shot Clock will be introduced once the event is down to 6 tables left in play after the close of registration.
  • Once the Shot Clock has been introduced, remaining players receive (3) three 60-second Time Bank buttons.
  • Once a player starts to hesitate (est. 3 seconds), the Shot Clock will begin with an initial 30-second count down.
  • Once a player exhausts the initial 30-second count down, that player will immediately owe a Time Bank button and will owe another one after each 60-second countdown expires.
  • Remaining 8 players will receive 2 additional Time Bank button. (Does not apply to events with less than 20 players)
  • The Shot Clock will be paused if the Dealer needs to count out a bet of multiple chips that have multiple denominations and stacks.
  • A player's hand will be killed immediately after the time on the Shot Clock has expired and the player is out of Time Bank buttons.

Event Notes:

  • The "ANTE BB" format utilizes the ante first before big blind in the event the big blind cannot cover the full amount for the ANTE and BB.
  • The "ANTE BB" structure remains the same regardless number of the number of players at a table.
  • All Side Events marked with an * are designed to be 2 day events with the Final 8 Players restarting at 13:00 (unless specified) the day after starting.
  • An event designed to finish in 2 days will become a 1 day event if the Final 8 Players are reached by 22:00.
  • The starting level for the Final 8 Players will be at a minimum average stack of 30 times the Big Blind. (not applicable to Single Day and Turbo events).

ALL Buy Ins, Fees and Prizes are in Philippine Peso (PHP)

  • 3% Staff Charge on all tournaments except for Super High Rollers, Satellites and Charity Event
  • 0.6% Staff Charge on the Super High Roller Prize Pool after fee has been deducted
  • All events will be paid to the nearest PHP 100

Minimum age limit is 21 years of age
This schedule may be updated without prior notice
Right reserved to cancel guarantee/s due to Force Majeure: Earthquake, Flooding and/or Typhoon
APT Tournament Rules Apply

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Hotel Accomodations

Special APT Player Rates available through our official travel partner - PokerTourBookings.com

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Tournament Registration

All players are required to register with the Asian Poker Tour to be able to participate in any APT event. Here are the steps to register for an APT tournament…

  1. Just look for the APT Player Registration Desk. If it's your first time to play in an APT event, our team will assist you with APT Registration System. You’ll be asked to give and/or confirm your details (and/or fill in the Player Release Form and sign it).
  2. Show your ID or state your name to our Registration Staff and inform them of the particular tournament/s you would like to join. You will then be issued the Tournament Receipts which will be paid and verified at the Cashier.
  3. Bring your paid and verified Tournament Receipt to the Tournament Staff 5-10 minutes before the start of your tournament for your seat card.
  • Please don’t forget to bring a valid ID as this will be required for Tournament Registration as proof of identity and age. 
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Results of the APT Finale Philippines 2018 will be posted on our Events & Results page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please feel free to get in touch with our support team for any questions you may have via Info@TheAsianPokerTour.com

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