APT Cebu 2016 Opening Event P1M Guaranteed starts Today

We are back in the beautiful island of Cebu where the Asian Poker Tour will be stationed for the next nine days for the APT Cebu 2016. In partnership with the All in Poker Sports Club, this festival will run from February 10-18, 2016 at the Waterfront Lahug Hotel & Casino.

Kicking off the festival is the highly popular Opening Event P1,000,000 Guaranteed. One thing that makes this event so well attended is its great structure. Starting stack is a deep 15,000 in chips, that‘s 300x the starting blinds. Blinds increase every half an hour. This event also has both of its qualifying flights running on the same day, flight A at 1pm and flight B at 5pm. This is a scheduled two-day event, and will finish up tomorrow. Flight A is currently up and running with over ten tables already filled up. This event has a P6,600 entry fee. Late registration is available until the end of round 7.

Opening Day Crowd at APT Cebu

Having a look at some of the action at the Opening Event, there are quite a number of notables to mention such as Norway’s Kai Paulsen, Japan’s Iori Yogo, Singaporean player Yah Loon, Korea’s Simba Jae Kyung, China’s Yao Hui, and Germany’s Sebastian Benz. Both Yogo and Benz have previously won this event and are looking to do so again. Capturing the first trophy of the festival certainly sets a good tone for the rest of the days.

Running alongside the Opening Event is the Main Event Mega Satellite. For players looking to get in the Main Event at a low affordable price, this is the way to go. The track record of these satellites is pretty good with lots of seats usually awarded. Buy-in is P5,500 and one seat will be awarded per ten players.

For those getting to the venue late, discounted rooms are still available. For more info on the APT Special Rates, check out the APT-Waterfront Cebu Special Rates. Once in Cebu, there are lots of available taxi cabs at the airport to take you to the hotel.

For detailed information on the APT Cebu 2016 schedule, head to the website.