Amar “kidpoker0109” Mehta crowned APT Main Event champion!

Amar “kidpoker0109” Mehta has done it again! Six days ago Mehta took down the featured Monday Major for his first ever APT title and trophy, then early this morning, another outstanding performance to take down the series headliner Main Event. Mehta outlasted the 919 entry field, staging an incredible comeback at the final table to lock up the IN₹ 17,50,000 (~US$ 23,445) first prize, the APT Main Event Trophy, and APT Championship Ring. Mehta was the only player to win two trophies at the series. Congratulations to the champion!! You can relive the action via our Live Updates or read on for the event recap. 

The Main Event 1 Crore clocked in at just under ten hours with registration closed by the fourth hour. 479 players turned up plus 440 re-entries for 919 total entries. With buy in at IN₹ 11,000, it resulted in a sizable overlay of IN₹ 8.1 Lakhs. The top 108 players got paid. 

Date: February 6
Buy in: IN₹ 11,000 (~US$ 147)
Guarantee: IN₹ 1 Crore (~US$ 133,375)
Entries: 919 (479 uniques, 440 re-entries)
Prize pool: IN₹ 1 Crore
ITM: 108 places

By the fifth hour, the bubble burst when Chetraj “Chetraj100” Mishra’s A Q nut flush crushed Arun “vazharmargoulis” Sriram’s A 7 trips on a board 2 10 7 7 8.

With the money intact, players dropped fast. Among the casualties were Day 1 Monster Stack champion Amit “Zombiefish” Tejura (89th), Dhaval “rehab77” Mudgal (80th), Kritagya “Kritagya_17” Sharma (79th), Day 1 6-Max champion Nitin “Gambler42” Rawat (33rd), Day 5 Monster Stack champion Aditya “orlsrdb” Patil (31st), Vinay “vinay09 Rajpal (21st), Rajneesh “msdhoni” Thakur (17th), and Neel “worm33” Joshi (11th). 

Several known pros also cashed in this event which included 2019 APT Kickoff Main Event champion Abhinav “griezmann” Iyer in 52nd place, but with four bullets fired, he failed to turn a profit. Kartik “TheInternetKid” Ved emptied out his chamber and still came out IN₹ 5,000 ahead in 24th place. Both Ved and Srihari “bangbang999” Bang bought in the most of six bullets each. The final table was formed at the fall of Shubham “ShUbh1995” Nirban A J to anonymous player “p0kerguru” A Q in 9th place.

Main Event – Final table

Sitting up top with fairly even stacks were Rubin “kornkid” Labroo and Amar “kidpoker0109” Mehta. While most everyone was on their first buy in, Mehta was riding on his second bullet, Rishab “ryuk” Malik” was on his third, and Mitesh “mikeknp” Gupta was on his fifth. The first two showdowns saw Day 4 Superstack champion Ritwik “Ritwikkhanna” Khanna bump heads with Mehta. Khanna doubled up on the first shove but crashed out on the next. On a flop 3 5 8, bb Khanna was all in with 8 6, Mehta had A A overpair, the turn A further improved Mehta to a set and the river was 6.

After the win, Mehta jumped out front with a 6 bb lead over Labroo. It didn’t take long for the two to tangle. On a board 8 10 6 6 8, Labroo check-called Mehta’s jam with 10 6 full house, exposing the J Q bluff. Labroo skyrocketed to a monster lead.

Crippled down, this was the moment when Mehta staged his incredible comeback. He cleaned out Malik down to 1 small blind with Q Q besting K J. On the next hand, Malik busted 7th. After Labroo finished off “p0kerguru” in 6th place with J 8 spiking the eight to burn A J, Mehta landed two double ups.

In a battle of the blinds, sb Labroo bullied with his massive pile , pushing with 8 2, Mehta called and shipped it with A 6. One orbit later, same situation with sb Labroo shoving 3 7 and bb Mehta collecting with J J. Mehta climbed to second rank with 18 bb, Labroo was still way ahead with nearly 93 bb. 

Mehta pumped in more chips by eliminating the next two players. Gupta fell in 5th place with A Q top pair losing to Mehta’s K K set on a board A 8 K 3 5; Yogiraj “Yogiraj” Singh followed out in 4th place with 7 7 two pair dusted by 9 Q straight on a board 8 10 3 3 J. Two minutes later, Labroo railed short stacked Suresh “oil_trader” Kolli in 3rd place with A 2 finding the ace to outdraw Kolli’s 4 4.

Heads up kicked in with Labroo leading 62 bb to Mehta’s 23 bb. Ten minutes in, Mehta grinded to par and from there, the lead exchanged multiple times. When Labroo climbed to a 4:1 advantage, the first heads up showdown arrived resulting in Mehta’s A J getting full pay from Labroo’s 10 J.

After several more hands, Mehta scored a defining double up that sent Labroo plunging to 1.5 bb. It was a wild hand with Mehta’s 10 10 filling up on the turn to burn Labroo’s K J straight on the flop on a board 10 9 Q Q 3. Two hands later it was all over. Labroo was out in 2nd place and Mehta became the newest APT Main Event champion.

Final table payouts 

1st Amar “kidpoker0109” Mehta – IN₹ 17,50,000
2nd Rubin “kornkid” Labroo – IN₹12,26,000
3rd Suresh “oil_trader” Kolli – IN₹ 7,93,000
4th Yogiraj “Yogiraj” Singh – IN₹ 5,86,000
5th Mitesh “mikeknp” Gupta – IN₹4,38,000
6th “p0kerguru” – IN₹ 3,54,000
7th Rishab “ryuk Malik – IN₹ 2,93,000
8th Ritwik “Ritwikkhanna” Khanna – IN₹ 2,33,000
9th Shubham “ShUbh1995” Nirban – IN₹ 1,75,000

Full payouts