DblBarrel wins inaugural APT Online Series MAIN EVENT; Dicky Tsang and tikkipokka ship #2; PLO Championships up next

Congratulations to DblBarrel for his victory at the first-ever APT Online Series MAIN EVENT! DblBarrel collected an enviable $ 91,353.53 first prize and will soon receive the APT Guardian Trophy in the mail.

DblBarrel also moved up to second rank in the APT Player of the Series leader board. 

Read up on the action via our Live Updates. You can also relive the final table action via our official stream channels: 

Kosei Ichinose Twitch TV
Hong Kong Poker Players Association (HKPPA) YouTube channel

The MAIN EVENT ran from May 3 to 5 generating five heavy populated flights to bring in an APT record 1,217 entries and a grand $ 578,075 prize pool. Only 320 qualified to the Final Day with 170 earning a profit. 

Buy in: $ 500
Guarantee: $ 200,000
Entries: 1,217
Prize pool: $ 578,075
Final Day qualifiers: 320
ITM: 170 places

Featured: Main Event – DblBarrel – $ 91.353.53

Flight A: 41 advanced out of 177 entries 
Flight B: 74 advanced out of 286 entries 
Flight C: 43 advanced out of 190 entries
Flight D: 67 advanced out of 285 entries 
Flight E (Turbo): 95 advanced out of 279 entries 

It took nearly five and a half hours for the champion to emerge. Along the way, three players busted during the bubble round. The final table two tables were formed at the fall of 1-2-3-4-5-6 to Yacht with A Q besting A J. DblBarrel was third to the last in chips.

Out first was Flight D chip leader AfternoonAA (18th) followed by SACKMAN69 (17th) and _richardsharpe (16th). DblBarrel eliminated Jcm_1995 (15th) with pocket tens staying ahead of pocket eights, then paid a double up to DDeviL when A K missed for 7 7 to hold. DblBarrel recovered by winning two double ups off chip leader david1341. To form the final table, DblBarrel eliminated UdoausdemUrwald this time with A K that connected on the board to dust 6 6

Final table recap

The final table opened with Olekonjole at the top, DblBarrel was running third. DblBarrel railed SkupyZid (9th) to climb to second rank then bounced out DdeviL (8th) to lead for the first time. Yacht railed LEN1234980 (7th) who then fell to Olekonjole; huisean denied urawapoy (5th) who tried to steal from the small blind, then huisean met the end pushing from the button with A 8 only to be behind bb DblBarrel’s A 10.

Heads up arrived with Kryptonite8899 calling DblBarrel’s shove on the turn, but DblBarrel had two pair at the flop that held on the river. 

Facing off for the title, DblBarrel was ahead 3.5:1 against Olekonjole. Ten minutes in, Olekonjole doubled up though still way behind DblBarrel. Two minutes after, DblBarrel shipped it with K Q out drawing A 3

Final table payouts

1st DblBarrel – $ 91.353.53
2nd Olekonjole – $ 66,294.72
3rd Kryptonite8899 – $ 48,110.11
4th huisean – $ 34,913.47
5th urawapoy – $ 25,336.73
6th Yacht – $ 18,386.88
7th LEN1234980 – $ 13,343.35
8th DdeviL – $ 9,683.2
9th SkupyZid – $ 7,027.19

Event 31: Monster Stack update

The third Monster Stack event scheduled was just as attractive as its predecessors with 254 turning up across two flights. With each one contributing the $ 300 buy in, the prize pool fattened up well over twice the guarantee. One flight remains. It starts at 16:00 (HKT) on May 6. 

Flight A: 41 advanced out of 115 entries – Dostoevsky 637 (chip leader)
Flight B: 50 advanced out of 139 entries – -MortenVM- (chip leader)
Flight C: 

Buy in: $ 300
Guarantee: $ 30,000
Cumulative entries: 254
Cumulativ Prize pool: $ 71,527.50
Final Day qualifiers: 81

 Top 10 players

Current payout

Event 32: High Rollers – tikkapokka – $ 24,362.59

Short Deck champion tikkapokka became the next multi event winner after crushing Event#32: High Rollers. The event attracted 117 to nearly triple up the guaranteed prize pool. tikkapokka defeated mon$terDad at heads up to earn a cool $ 24,362.59. 

Buy in: $ 1,000
Guarantee: $ 30,000
Total entries: 117
Prize pool: $ 111,150
ITM: 17 places

It was a lengthy High Rollers event with a running time of six and a half hours, one hour of which was taken up by the final table. mon$terDad came in with an intimidating stack that dwarfed everyone else’s stack. fish3098, was looking for a third win while Ho Bao Qiang username Yummers and tikkipokka were on the hunt for a second. 

tikkipokka came out strong, railing ProBrock (9th). fish3098 matched it by dusting Yummers to deny him a second title. fish3098 was denied as well, falling to wildmonkey in 7th place. wildmonkey continued to rule the table by busting DingZhu88 next. Contributing to the downsizing was mon$terDad who finished off S1nobi (5th), then it was all tikkipokka from there. 

tikipokka shipped all of TheGreatDanton’s chips to amass a 5:1 lead against mon$terDad at heads up. mon$terDad tried but couldnt’ trim the gap to fall in second place. 

Final table payouts

1st tikkapokka – $ 24,362.59
2nd mon$terDad – $ 18,532.22
3rd TheGreatDanton – $ 14,097.22
4th wildmonkey – $ 10,732.56
5th S1n0bi – $ 8,157.27
6th DingZhu88 – $ 6,205.12
7th fish3098 – $ 4,720.15
8th Yummers – $ 3,590.55
9th ProBrock – $ 2,731.28

Event 33: No Limit Hold’em Freeze Out – Floatingworld – $ 7,460.25

Dicky Tsang username Floatingworld became the fifth player to win two titles at the series. On opening day, Floatingworld won Event #4 Progressive Bounty then at Day 7, he shipped the No Limit Hold’em Freeze Out. 

Buy in: $ 200
Guarantee: $ 10,000
Total entries: 204
Prize pool: $ 38,148
ITM: 35 places

Catching the action at the final seven. Floatingworld picked up the lead by railing innocentClimb in 7th place. Floatingworld did the same to einmalrunnenwievalue (6th). At three-handed, another stack shipped by Floatingworld to face reofa at heads up with an enormous lead. reofa couldn’t stop the charging Floatingworld and fell in 2nd place.

Final table payouts

1st Floatingworld – $ 7,460.25
2nd reofa – $ 5,518.17
3rd icho – $ 4,081.77
4th Customll – $ 3,019.27
5th jacwill – $ 2,233.34
6th einmalrunnenwievalue – $ 1,651.99
7th innocentClimb – $ 1,221.97
8th SushiLoverr – $ 903.89
9th OneTrickpoNy_ – $ 668.60

Event 34: Pot Limit Omaha – JACKPOT. – $ 2,222.79 (deal)

It took nearly five hours for the Pot Limit Omaha to go from 205 entries to the final four. At that point, a deal was reached with Pokahontaz ahead in the count, then the players flipped for the title. JACKPOT went on to win it though it took five all ins before he was able to eliminate  sitting out player Pokahontaz. 

Buy in: $ 100
Guarantee: $ 5,000
Total entries: 205
Prize pool: $ 19,167.50
ITM: 35 places

Final table payouts

1st JACKPOT. – $ 2,222.79 (deal)
2nd Pokahontaz – $ 3,179.83 (deal)
3rd WinEasy – $ 2,522.18 (deal)
4th GoedkoopHoertje – $ 2,174.26 (deal)
5th LicenseWin – $ 1,122.14
6th eeselila – $830.04
7th Kosei Ichinose – $ 613.98
8th FizraS – $ 454.16
9th pikapikapikachu – $ 335.94

Event 35: NLH Turbo – Buddha Kid –$ 3,067.23 (deal)

Ripping action at the NLH Turbo taking off and wrapping in under three hours. Alike the previous installments of this event, it too drew a big field with 456 pouring in. The event concluded with two players agreeing on a deal then flipped for the title. Buddha Kid was granted that honor while Red LCH pocketed the higher payout. 

Buy in: $ 50
Guarantee: $ 10,000
Total entries: 456
Prize pool: $ 21,318
ITM: 71 places

Final table payouts

1st Buddha Kid –$ 3,067.23 (deal)
2ND Red LCH –$ 3,584.16 (deal)
3rd meeling39 –$ 2,062
4th super_Tramp1985 – $ 1,511.44
5th LiuTzuYun168 – $ 1,107.88
6th mommyfinger – $ 812.07
7th ScoopY. – $ 595.24
8th HERDGURDE – $ 436.31
9th jumbooo97 – $ 319.81

The APT Online Series has been running since April 29 at GG Network Natural8. The last of the games will take place on May 10. 36 games have completed with 27 yet to be claimed. The only way to have a shot at winning it is to get on the virtual felt. Head to Natural8, download then sign up. The series has already smashed its promised $ 1.5 million guarantee with $ 2,304,000 paid out. 

Among the upcoming events are the three remaining featured events:

  • $ 400 PLO Championships $ 25K GTD– Wednesday, May 6
  • $ 400 Short Deck Championships $ 25K GTD– Thursday, May 7
  • $ 800 APT Championships $ 250K GTD – May 8 to 10

See APT Online Series schedule for all the details.