Adinho888 champions the record-breaking APT Main Event!

As his friends chanted on “winning pots, taking chips, getting rich, make the money!”, Adinho888 did just that at the Main Event of the APT Kickoff Vietnam 2018. He entered the final day as the chip leader and powered through what turned out to be a 14 hour marathon to the top.

Adinho captured his first-ever APT championship title and was awarded the APT Championship Trophy, the APT Championship Ring, and the hefty VND 1,313,920,000 first prize. This incredible achievement also earned him more than enough points to win the APT Player of the Series.

APT Kickoff Vietnam 2018 Main Event Champion, Adinho888

The Main Event resumed with the final 27 players out of the record-breaking 664 entries back at the Pro Poker Club for their last big hurdle to the finish line. Among the early drop outs were the last two decorated APT Main Event titleholders in the field, Harry Duong (22nd) and SooJo Kim (19th), which then set up the final two tables. During this time, the leadership status switched several times with Dmitrii Ilin, Flo Campomanes, Dong Anh Dung, and Nguyen Hoang Anh all getting a taste.

After nearly nine hours, the Final 8 was reached with Nguyen bouncing out Sebastien Noiret (9th) in a dramatic suck out over suck out hand. Noiret was all in with 9 9 and Nguyen had him dominated with 10 10. The board ran Q K 6 9 J giving Noiret a set on the turn but was quickly trumped by Nguyen’s straight on the river. 

Final 8 of the Main Event

Seat 1: Long Lam Kim – 5,375,000
Seat 2: Le Hong Nghia – 2,160,000
Seat 3: Adinho888 – 6,530,000
Seat 4: Dmitrii Ilin – 3,485,000
Seat 5: Vu Minh Tri – 2,230,000
Seat 6: Macaron Tran – 5,100,000
Seat 7: Nguyen Hoang Anh – 5,650,000
Seat 8: Flo Campomanes – 3,460,000

The first casualty was Campomanes who lost two costly pots before Le Hong Nghia delivered him the axe in 8th place. From there, Nguyen took command, railing the next two players, Dmitrii Ilin (7th) and Vu Minh Tri (6th) to amass a monster stack that closed in on roughly a third of the chips in play. But his rise was momentary as the rest of the players including Nguyen would eventually fall to Adinho.

Adinho’s charge to victory

Adinho’s first victim at the final table was Macaron Tan. Tan shoved with 2 2 and fell to Adinho’s Q Q.  Adinho followed it with a massive double up through Nguyen getting maximum pay for his full house. With progressive bets to the river, the board completed 2 4 8 6 6 and Adinho held 8 8.

The next to fall was Lam Kim Long in 4th place with his Q-10 finding no luck against Adinho’s A-Q. Taking 3rd was Nguyen who called for his tournament life on the river only to find his A 10 is behind Adinho’s A Q on a board of A Q 5 2 2. This brought about the heads up round with Adinho ahead in the count against Nghia.

The final duel saw both players with rushes and shining moments. Each one had their own set of railbirds as well cheering on at every pot shipped. But in the end, it was Adinho who endured. The final hand saw Nghia limp in, Adinho raise to 1.6M, Le shove, and Adinho with the snap-call. Le had A 4 and was up against Adinho’s J J. The flop ran A J 2 for top pair to Nghia and a set to Adinho. With the 7 turn, it was all over. The A river completed the board and Adinho triumphed with a dominating full house.

Congratulations to Adinho888! He is the first champion of the APT 2018 season and is also our APT Player of the Series winner!

Final 8 payouts
1st Adinho888 – VND 1,313,920,000
2nd Le Hong Nghia – Vietnam – VND 875,300,000
3rd Nguyen Hoang Anh – Vietnam – VND 608,720,000
4th Lam Kim Long – Vietnam – VND 437,650,000
5th Macaron Tan – Vietnam – VND 328,480,000
6th Vu Minh Tri – Vietnam – VND 256,990,000
7th Dmitrii Ilin – Russia – VND 208,680,000
8th Flo Campomanes – Philippines – VND 176,800,000

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