A dominating victory for Michael Kim Falcon at the Monster Stack; Alex Lindop wins the Super High Rollers

APT Kickoff 2019 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam saw its opening day events – Monster Stack and Super High Rollers – resume today for the race to the first trophies of the festival. Amidst a packed Pro Poker Club, with the floor shared by three other events – Main Event Day 1A, Dafabet Head Hunter, and Main Event satellite – the winners emerged late in the evening. We’ve got those recaps for you below.

Michael Kim Falcon wins the Monster Stack

The Monster Stack event drew out 141 players with 33 re-entering for a total of 174 entries. With each entry costing VND 11,000,000, it created a very healthy opening day prize pool of VND 1,687,800,000 (~USD 72,660). 29 players shaved it down today with APT regular, Michael Kim Falcon dominating to claim the largest of VND 383,346,000 (~USD 16,500) for his victory. With this, Falcon takes top rank in the APT Player of the Series race. 

Michael Kim Falcon – Monster Stack 1 champion

Before we recap the final table, we backtrack to the bubble round. After several double ups, one player was all in with A-Q and was called by J-4. While we didn’t get the name of the player that busted, he’s the one below happy to see an ace on the flop. Standing on the right with the black mask is Lim Yohwan aka ex-gamer Boxer. He too hit the flop with a jack turning up. The river found another jack to improve Boxer to trips and bring on the money round. 

Bubble pops!

From there eliminations were slow-coming. When the final table was reached, Falcon was already sporting a very big stack. 

Monster Stack 1 Final Table

After the fall of Quan Nguyen (10th) and SJ Kim (9th), Falcon sent Boxer packing (8th) with A A over Q Q. This gave him half the chips in play with 7 players remaining. From there, Falcon watched as players continued to bust until it was down to the final three. Falcon eliminated Tung Nguyen with A-J over A-6 and faced Huu Tuan Nguyen at heads up with a 10:1 advantage. It was all over in three hands. 

Heads up

Top 10 payouts
1st Michael Kim Falcon – Denmark – VND 383,346,000
2nd Huu Tuan Nguyen – Vietnam – VND 255,565,000
3rd Tung Nguyen – Vietnam – VND 177,665,000
4th Antoine Follet – VND 128,324,000
5th Tin Nguyen – Vietnam – VND – 95,966,000
6th Steffen Endres – Germany – VND 74,066,000
7th Huy Coshet – Vietnam – VND 58,815,000
8th Lim Yohwan – Korea – VND 47,919,000
9th Soo Jo Kim – Korea – VND 39,933,000
f10th Quan Nguyen – Vietnam – VND – 39,933,000

Full Monster Stack results

Alex Lindop wins the Super High Rollers

Entering the final day with 13 players out of the 28 total entries back on the felt, Alex Lindop led the pack in. After seven hours of play, he powered through defeating Feng Hua Huan at heads up. Lindop shipped the lion’s share VND 1,160,333,000 (~USD 50,000). 

Alex Lindop – SHR winner

The Super High Rollers amassed a VND 2,716,000,000 (~USD 116,825) prize pool with each entry at VND 107,500,000. Only five players made the money. We’ve got the final 8 action uploaded for you in our media channels APT Twitch and APT YouTube. 

1st Alex Lindop – UK – VND 1,160,333,000
2nd Feng Hua Huan – China – VND 672,569,000
3rd Linh Tran – Vietnam – VND 416,342,000
4th Nguyen Van Phinh – Vietnam – VND 274,565,000
5th Ji Xiaqing – China – VND 192,191,000