Kwan Kit Kwok Becomes the First-Ever APT Vietnam Main Event Champion

Kwan Kit Kwok from Hong Kong has done it! Kwok has overcome a field of 119 total entries to claim the first-ever championship title of the APT Vietnam Main Event after defeating Singaporean pro Bryan Huang during the heads up round at the Ho Tram Resort Casino. Kwok was awarded the sweet first place cash prize of $26,800 plus the coveted Main Event trophy.

APT Vietnam 2015 Main Event Champion, Kwan Kit Kwok

Kwok’s rise to the top began early in the tournament. He was the overall chip leader entering Day 2 and when he reached the final table, he was right up there with Norbert Koh. When asked about his strategy, he had this to say,

“…the tournament structure is really good because the blinds are low and players can use their skills. So for the beginning of the tournament, I felt I had to double up my stack ASAP so if I have to flip with someone, I got another tournament life because I have one more than they do. That was my plan so I was trying to be aggressive…. later, against the poker pros, I couldn’t play aggressive… I am more of a cash game player so I am still learning…”

At the final table, it was Huang who seemed to be amassing chips at every turn. Huang eliminated three players, and then became the big chip leader even before he crossed the million-chip mark. But when it was three-handed, he lost an enormous pot to Kwok.

Kwok reflected, “I had hands… I was lucky in a hand when Bryan had open-ended and I flopped the top two pair. It was top chip leader against second chip leader, and luckily I won.”

During that said hand, both players were in on a raised pot with a board showing 6 7 3. They then engaged in a raising war that resulted in a shove by Huang and a call by Kwok. Huang held 8 5 for an open-ended straight draw while Kwok had 6 7 for top two pair. With the turn of 7, Kwok improved to a full house and Huang was drawing dead. Kwok escalated to 1.5 million and was the overwhelming chip leader.

Shortly after, Kwok eliminated Sunny Zhang in 3rd place with a sick all in call holding only mid-pair. Kwok had 10 7 on a board of 6 K 10, and Zhang had J 9 straight flush draw. With the turn of 4 and river of A, Zhang was unable to connect with any of his numerous outs, and Kwok claimed another massive pile. Kwok entered the heads up round with 72% of the chips in his artillery.

Kwok’s assessment of the hand, “If the guy had top pair, I think he would have check-raised me so I called his all in coz I thought he had a flush draw, but I didn’t think he had a straight flush draw.”

Senior Management celebrates with the Main Event Champion and Runner-Up (from L-R – Andrew Scott – World Gaming Magazine CEO, Kwan Kit Kwok – Main Event Champion, Shaun McCamley – Ho Tram Resort Casino President, Bryan Huang – Main Event Runner-Up, Enrico Dovadola – Gaming of Ho Tram Strip Casino Director, George Lazenby – Ho Tram Strip Casino Manager)

Facing Huang, Kwok shared,

“I just wanted to play my best. I was lucky. In the final hand, he had A-5 and I had A-Q… I had him dominated.”

Kwok’s thoughts on the event,

“A few weeks ago my friend sent me the schedule of the APT Vietnam and asked me to join him but we only bought our tickets two days before the Main Event… this is my first time playing the APT and I really enjoyed this tournament…. it is my first win at a Main Event….”

Congratulations to Kwan Kit Kwok, champion of the APT Vietnam Main Event!

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