243 pour into MAIN EVENT Day 1C; Tai Hsing Hsiung among the big stacks

Huge day at APT Vietnam Ho Chi Minh 2019 with wall-to-wall players at Pro Poker Club. Dragging everyone in was none other than the MAIN EVENT and its juicy VND 8 Billion (~USD 344,000) guarantee.

Today was the last starting day to enter. 243 poured in (186 uniques and 57 re-entries) to bring the combined entries to 402. This meant the guarantee was matched. Tomorrow’s final hour to enter will be added icing. 

Scattered around the room were numerous APT major title-holders however the only ones navigating their way to Day 2 were: Cao Ngoc Anh, Harry Duong, and Hisashi Ogi. Other notables also through were Quang Nguyen, Le Ngoc Khanh, Daiki Horikawa, David Erquiaga, Ang Boon Seng, Son Putin, Mark Gruendemann, Norbert Koh, Pham Bao, and Vu Minh Tri. 

Quite a number of players bagged up big stacks today such as Thailand’s Kajorrnut Prirrungrueng, Vietnam’s Anh Duy and Van Ngoc Binh. Chinese Texas Hold’em Poker Association (CTP) owner Taiwan’s David Tai Hsing Hsiung also packed a hefty one of 153,900.

David Tai Hsing Hsiung

Before the close of day, Japan’s Ryusuke Kasawaki knocked out two players with K K defeating A J and 3 5 on a board of 5 A 6 3 8 for the nut flush. 

Ryusuke Kasawaki

Day 1C – 128 advanced out of 243 entries

Listed below are players that bagged up over 100K 

1 Van Ngoc Binh Vietnam 176,000
2 Tai Hsing-Hsiung Taiwan 153,900
3 Anh Duy Vietnam 150,800
4 Kajornnut Prirunoreung Thailand 137,400
5 Nguyen Pham Duy Khanh Vietnam 130,800
6 Ian Hawksby Australia 128,000
7 Makana Silva United States 124,000
8 Ryusuke Kasawaki Japan 118,600
9 Lee Boon Han Malaysia 116,500
10 Terry Nguyen Vietnam 114,600
11 Quang Nguyen Vietnam 104,800
12 Nguyen Duc Hai Vietnam 103,800

Complete Day 2 Qualifiers

Day 1A results
20 advanced out of 45 entries

Day 1B results
56 advanced out of 114 entries

The 204 combined Day 2 qualifiers return to action on Sunday, July 7 at 1pm. Once again, for all you fence-sitters, late-comers, eliminated players, and even short stacks, registration is still open but just for the first hour of the day. All the info you need is in the link below. 

Everything you need to know on the Main Event