Zhang Chen Xu sitting pretty atop Main Event Day 1B; Peng Yang wins the NLH One Day

Macau, China, April 29, 2018 – It was an action-packed Sunday at the APT Macau Championships 2018 with Main Event Day 1B drawing in 215 entries to the Macau Billionaire Poker in Babylon Casino. That turnout alone reached the advertised HKD 2 Million Guarantee which means players will be looking at a highly lucrative prize pool once the freeze out stage begins.

Below is a brief review of Main Event Day 1B results. We also have a recap on the lone side event that concluded, the NLH One Day Event 2.

Main Event Day 1B review

Out of the 215 entries of this final heat only 127 of them made it through the 8 scheduled rounds. Bagging up the largest stack was the lovely Zhang Chen Xu aka Vanessa with 157,150.

Zhang Chen Xu – Day 1B chip leader

Further down the chip rung was Macau’s Chi Fai Chong aka Gostinho the winner of the festival’s APT Japan Corp Warm Up event. Gostinho didn’t quite rack up like Chen Xu but he did close the day with a decent 55,125 stack.

With a long list of survivors, unfortunately we won’t be able to mention all of the notable players however here are several: Raiden Kan, Kosei Ichinose, Justin Chan, Jack En Ching Wu, Yang Zhang, Sam Ken Long Cheong, Hung Sheng Lin, Florencio Campomanes,  and decorated APT Main Event champions Choong Kian Weng and Hisashi Ogi.

All of today’s survivors will merge with the ones from Day 1A for the next round at Day 2. For all the short stacks, in the event you run out of luck within the first hour, you can re-enter with late registration open until the start of Level 10.

Peng Yang wins the NLH One Day Event 2

The seventh side event of the series, the NLH One Day Event 2, charged in with 92 entries. Claiming the trophy was China’s Peng Yang who struck a deal with fellow countryman Zhe Liu at heads up. Yang also received HKD 45,100 in cash.

NLH One Day Event 2 Champion, Peng Yang

For an event with a sizable turnout, reaching the bubble round was quite fast. The money of 16 players was reached when Hong Kong’s Tim Lam Wong won with his Q♦ Q♣ to oust a player holding A-9. Wong eventually bowed out in 11th place.

Prior to the official final table of 8 players, the game had some nutty ups and downs worth mentioning. At 15-handed, Hong Kong’s Christina Lai (pictured below) had 6k left with blinds at 2500-5000. She managed to triple up with K-7 against Q-J and 9-8. She eventually made it to the Final 8 and laddered up to an impressive 7th place.

Sparrow Cheung was another player that came from a very short stack however he did much better than Lai, entering the Final 8 as one of the biggest stacks. A majority of his chips came from Iori Yogo. Down to 9 players and action folding to the small blind Yogo, Yogo shoved his big stack and was called by Cheung on the big blind. This exposed Yogo’s bluff of 7-4. Cheung had A-K that went on to win the hand for a big double up.

Despite the loss, Yogo still made it to the Final 8, finishing in 6th place. As for Cheung, he went a little further, bowing out in 4th place.

You can view the payouts here.




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