Macau’s Gostinho wins the APT Japan Corp event and bags a Main Event seat

Macau, China, April 28, 2018Chi Fai Chong aka Gostinho was the first Macau player to lift up a trophy at the APT Macau Championships 2018 ongoing at Macau Billionaire Poker in Babylon Casino. Gostinho topped the 79-entry APT Japan Corp Main Event Warm Up event.

Down to three-handed, Gostinho had a commanding lead with nearly two-thirds of the chips in play.  After a few rounds and still no change major shift in chip sizes, the players agreed on an ICM deal to instantly end the game and award Gostinho the title. He earned HKD 63,200 in cash and the added value Main Event seat worth HKD 11,000.

APT Japan Corp Main Event Warm Up Champion, Gostinho

The APT Japan Corp event ran a course of two days with 18 players returning to the felt for the final race. Gostinho entered with the largest stack but with the money at 14 places, the leader during the bubble round was Korea’s Jae Kyung Joe. Joe ballooned further after bursting the bubble, eventually entering the Final 8 still in command.

The first player to fall was China’s Jianzhao Cheng (8th), later followed by Germany’s Piet Pape (7th) whose A♠K♦ four-bet shove proved futile against China’s Xilian Liu’s A♣ A♦. Xilian was awarded a massive pot along with the leadership status.

China’s Wenrui Wang was next to fall, getting the boot in 6th place with Joe’s A♠ 10♥ ahead of 10♦ 9♦throughout the entire spread 2♠ J♥ 5♥ 3♦ J♦.

At five-handed, the only Japanese player remaining, Koichi Aiba, landed a very lucky river to stay in the running. On a flop of 8♣ 9♦ 5♣, big-stacked Joe led out, Aiba shoved, and with J♦ 9♣ hole cards, Joe called. Aiba had 6♦ 5♥ bottom pair gut shot draw. The turn K♣ looked like the end for Aiba but the poker gods said “no” as it banged out a four-outer 7♥ straight.

With Joe and Xilian both backed by enormous stacks, Gostinho was one of shortest and well below average. He managed to double it up by railing the shortest, China’s Liu Guangli (5th), with A♦ 5♥ straight over A♣7♣ pair on a board of 4♣ 2♣ 3♦ 7♦ 10♦.

After several successful bouts, this time against the leaders, Gostinho took the lead for the first time since the start of the final day. With the blinds at 15K-30K ante 5K, db Joe raised to 75k, sb Gostinho and bb Xilian called. On the flop4♦ 2♣ Q♦, Gostinho led for 140k, Xilian folded, Joe raised to 375k, Gostinho shoved, and Joe folded. This gave him 1.6M in chips with 3.95M total chips in play.

Gostinho surged higher by knocking out Joe (4th) who still had a very healthy stack to play with. Action began with Joe raising to 100k, Gostinho three-bet to 280k, Joe four-bet shoved, and Gostinho with the snap-call. Joe hadA♣ 4♠ and was needing some luck against Gostinho’s A♦ J♦. No such luck came with the board running10♣ 3♦ 7♣ 5♦ 3♣.

With three remaining, Gostinho had an overwhelming 2.6M stack while the other two, Aiba and Xilian, split the remaining 1.35M. Xilian had the edge on Aiba but after 10 uncalled shoves, Aiba climbed to over 900k while Xilian dropped to around 600k. At this point, an ICM deal was proposed and eventually agreed upon. Gostinho was automatically awarded the trophy and the added value Main Event seat sponsored by APT Japan Corp.

Gostinho also cashed at the Welcome Event, finishing in 5th place. This is Gostinho’s first live tournament appearance, preferring to play online and cash games. Gostinho would like to shout out a big “Thank You” to Stephen of HKPPA who shared ample advice on live tournament play prior to him joining this festival.

Final 3: L-standing Koichi Aiba, R-standing Xilian Liu, middle – Gostinho

Prize pool: HKD 306,500 – Buy-in HKD 4,400 – 14 paid
1st Chi Fai Chong aka Gostinho – Macau – HKD 63,200 + Main Event seat (deal made)
2nd Koichi Aiba – Japan – HKD 57,200 (deal made)
3rd Xilian Liu – China – HKD 51,200 (deal made)
4th Jae Kyung Joe – Korea – HKD 26,900
5th Liu Guangli – China – HKD 20,200
6th Wenrui Wang – China – HKD 15,800
7th Piet Pape – Germany – HKD 12,800
8th Jianzhao Cheng – China – HKD 10,900
9th Graham Cowan – Australia – HKD 9,600
10th Yuanjie Jin – China – HKD 8,400
11th Li Ta Hsu – Taiwan – HKD 8,400
12th Lei Liu – China – HKD 7,300
13th En Ching Wu – Taiwan – HKD 7,300
14th Hung Sheng Lin – Taiwan – HKD 7,300


Saturday, April 28 will see the Main Event take center stage with Day 1A kicking off at 4pm. This prestigious event muscles in with a rich HKD 2 Million Guaranteed prize pool. It is the first of two featured tournaments offered with the Championships Event following mid-next week.

All You Need to Know on the Main Event and Championships Event

13:00: Event 6 – NLH One Day Event 1

Before cards start flying for the main, we have one side event on deck. At 1pm is the NLH One Day Event 1. This event has grown in popularity with many weekend warriors coming out for a single day’s battle at the felt. Buy-in is HKD 2,200.

18:00: Satellite 4 – Last Chance “1 in 5” to Main Event

With the Main Event lighting up the floor today, players can still try to win a seat at a lower cost via the Last Chance “1 in 5” Satellite. Buy-in is HKD 2,400 with one seat awarded per 5 players.

Full APT Macau Championships 2018 schedule


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