APT Tournament Rules

All Players participating in any APT event are subject to the rules applied by the Asian Poker Tour and stipulated in the APT Player Registration / Release Form. Players may be asked to present a valid ID upon registration as proof of identity and age.

The Asian Poker Tour will be implementing the Poker Tournament Directors Association’s Rules (2017 Rules Version 3.0, Oct 24, 2017) for the duration of its tournaments and events. In addition, the below rules will also be implemented:

Non-Smoking Rule

  • Players are not allowed to smoke in the tournament area, violating this rule will result in a penalty.
  • Players caught smoking at the table will receive a one round penalty.

Late Registrants

  • Late players being seated into an open seat after the start of a tournament/satellite will receive a full stack and will be dealt in immediately if possible.

Close of Registration

  • Main Event registration will close at the start of round 10.
  • Satellites will close at the end of the first break.
  • Registration for all other events will close at the start of round 7.

Determining the Button

  • At the start of the tournament and all redraws the button will be determined by a high card.

Forward Motion Rule

  • Players moving chips in a forward motion (across their hole cards) may be forced to put all of the chips in hand into the pot.


  • Tournaments/satellites paying less than a full table will redraw at the final table.
  • Tournaments/satellites paying 1 full table only will redraw at two tables and the final table.
  • Tournaments/satellites paying above a full table will re-draw at 3 tables, 2 tables and the final table.

Hand for Hand Play

  • Players will not be allowed to visit other tables during hand for hand play and are requested to stay at their tables.
  • Players can be penalized after a warning has been issued.
  • Players should not reveal their hand in an “All in and Call” situation or with a player/players all in after the action has been completed on the river card until requested by the Tournament Director.

Re-Entry Policy

  • Players caught re-entering a non re-entry tournament will be disqualified, their chips will be taken out of play and no refunds will be entertained
  • For same day re-entry tournaments/satellites, Players may only re-enter multiple times after they have been eliminated or have exhausted all their chips before the end of the registration period.
  • Main Event Re-Entry Policy:
  • Same Day Re-Entry is ALLOWED before the start of Round 10.
  • Players that qualified to Day 2 from a previous Day 1 may re-enter a new Starting Day.
  • Best stack forward format: Players are allowed to forfeit a stack before close of registration in order to re-enter.
  • Players qualifying with multiple stacks to Day 2 will only get to play their largest stack: Other stacks will be removed from play

Seat/s Won Through Satellites Hosted by the APT

  • All seat/s won through satellites hosted by the Asian Poker Tour are nontransferable and must be played on the specified date, if allocated.
  • In the event that a player wins more than enough seats for the allowed starting days or qualifies through the FIRST starting day, cash will be awarded for the remaining seat/s

Deal Making and Deal Facilitation

  • Deal making is allowed in all APT tournaments, unless otherwise specified or announced in a specific tournament.

For deal making, the following rules shall apply:

  1. APT will not participate in the deal making process, but will only serve to facilitate deals between players under the conditions specified under this rule.
    • If requested, APT will assist in providing computations for a deal being done based on the percentage of chips that each player has using the Individual Chip Modular (ICM) system. If a deal is being done based on ICM, and it results in a player/s getting more than 1st place money as originally posted [Section 9.1 below], the excess will be divided accordingly to the percentage to the other remaining players involved in the deal.
    • APT will facilitate one deal only, and once an agreement has been reached on a deal, no other deals will be permitted.
    • Payout will be in accordance with the deal made.
  2. Deals that lock up all the prize money to the players involved, stops the tournament. The player with the most chips will be deemed the champion. The champion will be awarded the champion’s trophy along with any other perks that maybe included.
    • In order to continue playing to the champion’s trophy and any other perks that maybe included; a minimum of five percent (5%) of the 1st place prize money, as originally posted, must be held out of the deal and played for. This 5% hold-out will be awarded to the eventual champion to ensure the integrity of the tournament’s finish.
  3. APT will only facilitate a deal once play reaches the final table.
  4. Players are only permitted to discuss a deal at the completion of a hand or during a break.
  5. Any discussions on a deal must be made in the presence of the APT Tournament Director or his designated APT representative.
  6. All players on the final table must indicate their willingness to take part in a deal negotiation before the Tournament Director can pause the tournament clock. If the tournament clock is paused for negotiations on a deal, players will not be permitted to leave the final table to discuss the deal.
  7. Players will be penalized for badgering or pressuring a player that refuses to make a deal.
  8. When a player refuses to make a deal, no suggestions of another deal will be made until a player is eliminated or a major change in chips has been from player to player.
  9. Any deal cannot be made under the following terms:
    • Award a player more than the amount of 1st place prize money as originally posted;
    • Due to the 5% to be played for under Section 2 of this Rule, a player cannot be awarded the originally posted 1st place money at the time a deal is made;
  10. All players involved in the deal made and agreed to under this rule, must sign a written waiver acknowledging the deal they’ve made and payment of the prize money in accordance with the agreed shares.