Win APT Philippines III 2016 Packages at Spartan Poker

Last June, the Asian Poker Tour and Indian online poker site Spartan Poker entered into an exclusive partnership offering Indian players a chance to win APT Main Event packages through satellites offered online. With the next APT event just around the corner, APT Satellite Package events are now up and running in Spartan Poker for two APT Philippines III 2016 packages complete with a Main Event ticket, a side event berth, hotel accommodations, and round-trip airfare to and from Manila.

There are several ways to try and win one of these fully loaded packages. The quickest route is offered on August 28th and September 4th both held at 1030pm in Spartan Poker. The buy-in fee for these APT Satellite Package events is INR 9,900 (US$148). The winner on each of those days will receive the highly lucrative APT Philippines III 2016 package.

For those looking to get in on a cheaper route, there are three types of step satellites offered to enter the APT Satellite Package events. The lightest on the pocket is the Daily Step 1 satellite for only INR 16 (US$0.24). Winners of this step will earn a ticket to the Daily Step 2 satellite worth INR 330 (US$4.92). Players who win via the Daily Step 2 satellite will receive an entry ticket worth INR 9,900 to the APT Satellite Package event. Players may also choose to bypass the Daily Step 1 and play the Daily Step 2 satellite directly. These step satellites are offered daily starting August 22, 2016 at Spartan Poker.

The third route is for those feeling very lucky and want to test their luck at the One Hand Satellites offered on August 28th and September 4th. Buy-in for this satellite is INR 990+90. One player per round will win a ticket to one of the APT Satellite Package events.

Last July, Indian player Vikram Kumar won one of the APT Main Event packages and went on to make his way into the final table of the APT Philippines II 2016. Kumar also won a trophy at the last side event of the festival.

For more information, head to the Spartan Poker website.