USA’s Nick Gorman and Japan’s Yukiko Sumida bag trophies

The Asian Poker Tour Manila 2016 saw two ecstatic winners lift trophies today at the APT Poker Room in the Waterfront Manila Pavilion Hotel & Casino. USA’s Nick Gorman kept his head intact at the Head Hunter event and Japan’s Yukiko Sumida was the queen of the night in the Ladies of Poker event. Here’s a recap on their impressive performance at the felt:

USA’s Nick Gorman scalps eight and wins the trophy

Head Hunter Champion, Nick Gorman

The Head Hunter event kicked off in a mad fury with players looking to scalp as many as possible in the early rounds. With 39 entries, the field quickly whittled down to ten players then slowed down to the money round of five players. The first to fall with a profit was Vietnam’s Cuong Pham Hung, downed by fellow countryman Pham Bao. With four players remaining, Vietnam’s Huy Nguyen hit Filipino Moses Saquing’s stack twice to cripple Saquing down to two big blinds. During the hands, Nguyen’s A-8 got the better of Saquing’s pocket kings with an ace showing up on the board, then earned another double up with two pair spiked on the river to overcome Saquing’s top pair. Saquing was eliminated shortly after by Gorman.

At three-handed, Nguyen lost a massive pot to Bao sending his stack to ten big blinds. Two hands after, Nguyen’s final hand was delivered A 8 against Bao’s 7 7. The board bricked and it was heads up between Bao and Gorman. Action began with Bao crading the larger stack. After several exchanges, it was slowly evened up.  The roles reversed on Bao when Gorman won a big pot at the flop without a showdown. The final hand of the tournament was dealt immediately after with Gorman and Bao all in preflop. Bao A 9 and Gorman 10 10. The board offered no gems for Bao and Gorman stole the show with a big victory and a total of 8 heads scalped. Gorman claimed the first place purse of PHP179,700 and the event trophy.

Japan’s Yukiko Sumida wins the Ladies of Poker event

Ladies of Poker Champion, Yukiko Sumida

The Ladies of Poker event attracted a small field of only six women however the battle at the felt was tough as nails. A rare appearance was Filipino Regie Ann Delos Reyes, one of the more aggressive female players in the circuit. Unfortunately for her, she wasn’t able to make the grade, hitting the rail first when her straight draw shove was called out and missed against a lady’s two pair. Next one to join her was another local player Joane Malapitan. Entering the final four, Ashley Davis led in chips but after a series of lost pots, she was eventually all in preflop and was up against Len Villanueva. It was a painful departure for Davis with her A Q dusted by Villanueva’s A Q wild flush on a board of Q 3 8 6 J.

At three-handed, it was bubble time with Villanueva holding half the chips in play. Alike Davis, her stack would not take her to the finish line. After she doubled up Japan’s Yukiko Sumida with 8-8 winning against A-10, she was unable to recover and was eliminated as the bubble with a flush draw that didn’t pan out against Sumida’s top pair. Sumida went on to win it with A J against Vietnam’s Khuong Huong’s K 2 on a board of A K 4 Q 3.

1st Yukiko Sumida – Japan – P29,100
2nd Khuong Huong – Vietnam – P18,900

You can now catch the conclusion of these side events in the APT Youtube channel.

Main Event tomorrow plus OFC and a satellite

The Main Event begins tomorrow with Day 1A starting promptly at 1pm. Also on the floor will be an Open Face Chinese Pineapple Shootout 24 Max at 2pm . Buy-in is P16,500. Then at 6pm, the Last Chance Main Event Mega Satellite for those still looking for a seat to the Main Event. This is a great way to earn your way in for cheap and possibly turn it into a nice cush payout.