Three for Three on Third day of APT Asian Series Jeju

The third day of the APT Asian Series Jeju 2013 saw three players take down their respective tournaments and notch their names in history as Asian Poker Tour champions.

PokerAce’s Gwenole Andrieux with PokerAce High Rollers Champion Sparrow Cheung and the ladies of the APT

First was the continuation of play for the last three players in the the PokerAce High Rollers event. Hong Kong’s Sparrow Cheung, who was the chip leader, eventually took down the event with Peter Chan and Raiden Kan coming in second and third respectively.

China’s Sun Ning outshines the rest of the field in the Head Hunter event

Fifty-seven players then joined the APT’s popular Head Hunter event wherein each player is worth US$ 50. China’s Ning Sun outlasted the field to take the lion’s share of the prize pool in addition to the bounty on each player he busted in the tournament.

PokerAce Super High Rollers Champion: Brian Powell

While in the PokerAce Super High Rollers event, nine players anted up the US$ 10,600 buy in including 2012 APT Player of the Year  Samad Razavi who made it in the last minute after just arriving in Jeju. But it would be the United State’s Brian Powell who would go home with the US$ 57,600 first prize followed by compatriot John Gabriel Patgorski. The turning point in the heads up came when both players had all their chips in with John’s set of aces losing to Brian’s quads. Here’s how it looked from the eyes of APT Tournament Director Lloyd Fontillas…

Blinds: 10K-20K Ante 2K

Preflop: Gabe, on the button, made it 48K to go. While Brian rasied it to 110K. Flat call by Gabe. Both players checked the flop 6 6 A.

On the turn 10 , Brian checked. Gabe then bet 70K with a call Brian.

The river 9, was when all the chips would go in. After a check from Brian, Gabe bet 130K. Brian then ships all his chips in with a snap call from Gabe who showed A A. Brian would then turn over 6 6 for quads!

Day 1A of the Main Event will kick off the fourth day of the poker festivities at the Royal Palace Casino in Jeju. Korea. Check out the complete APT Asian Series Jeju 2013 Event Details.