The Second Wave: Main Event Day 1B Begins

Will the APT Asian Series Main Event attendance record be broken Sunday?

Here are some telling signs earlier this week for this particular Asian Series event:

The opening day side event—the NLHE Re-Buy and Add-On—attracted 105 bodies and had 90 re-buys and 100 add-ons. Meanwhile, the High Rollers event had 50 players coughing up PHP 108,000.

And then, there’s the Head Hunter side event with 219 entries, which set the new record for being the highest-ever attended side event in APT history!

After 159 players joined yesterday’s Day, it appears that today’s Day 1B will easily assure the total number of players in the Main Event to shoot over the 300-entry mark.

Get ready for another action-packed day for the Day 1B of the Main Event. Follow all the wild action at the tables in APT’s Live Reporting page.