The Great Wall of Victor Chong commands Championships Day 2; Klinker wins Deep Stack Turbo 2

Day 2 of the APT Championships Event began with 54 players and at the end of the scheduled eight hours, only 12 remained with Malaysia’s Victor Chong in a commanding lead with 992,000 in chips.

Championships Final 12 Chip Leader, Victor Chong

It took four big pots to form The Great Wall of Chong and it all happened within the last two levels of play. While big stacks Michael Soyza and Kahle Burns were busy vying for the chip lead at their table, Chong was nowhere near contention for the high status. He was sitting with an average stack before that first big pot landed with High Rollers champion Yunsheng Sun losing all his chips to Chong. Action saw Sun four-bet shove preflop and Chong with the immediate call. Chong’s A-K connected on the board to overtake Sun’s 7-7.

Instantly backed by half a million in chips, Chong proceeded to ship in another big one by railing Albert Paik. Alike the previous hand, Chong had A-K and brought down Paik’s J-J when the king graced the board. But as they say, things come in threes, and in this case it did indeed. Chan Chi Kit came tumbling next with his A K running right into Chong’s A A. To close out Day 2, Chong shaved 120k of Dong Guo’s stack to finish near seven-digits.

Earning second rank was another Malaysian player, Michael Soyza, with 730,000 in chips. Midway through Day 2, Soyza caught a lucky break with his J-J when it found a triplet to suck out on Je Ho Lee’s A-A. He later railed Jin Yong with a nut flush on a board of 3 9 7 2 Q with all the chips shoved on the turn. Soyza had A 5 and Yong with 8 8. He ended the day downsizing the field to 12 players by eliminating Zarvan Tumboli.

Rounding out the top three was Australian pro Kahle Burns with 582,000 in chips. Burns was the bane of many players including Varun Gupta, the APT’s newest Main Event champion. Tabled together throughout the day, Burns claimed multiple big pots against Gupta and eventually sent the champ packing with A-A over A-Q. Burns also crippled Tumboli before Soyza delivered the elimination.

Other players that made the cut were Tetsuya Tsuchikawa – APT Player of the Year frontrunner -, Dong Guo – APT Macau 2016 Main Event champion -, and Kai Paulsen – APT Game of Champions winner -, to mention a few. Day 1A chip leader Sparrow Cheung also advanced to the Final Day however he ended with the shortest stack of around 9 big blinds.

You can read up on the action of Day 2 in the Live Updates page.

Klas Klinker triumphs the Deep Stack Turbo 2

Deep Stack Turbo 2 Champion, Klas Klinker

Soon after busting out at the APT Championships Event, Japan’s Ryota Kubo joined in the evening’s side event, the Deep Stack Turbo 2 that pooled in 38 players to the felt. After six hours of play, he entered the heads up round in a chip deficit to Germany’s Klas Klinker. Despite his efforts, Klinker proved too tough to overcome. Klinker never relinquished his lead and the final hand arrived with Klinker holding 10 10 and Kubo with J 5. The board ran K 2 A 5 4. Klinker won the HKD 22,100 first place purse and the event trophy.

Prizepool: HKD 55,300
1st Klas Klinker – Germany – HKD 22,100
2nd Ryota Kubo – Japan – HKD 13,800
3rd Anthony Hope – Australia – HKD 8,300
4th Boris Leong – Macau – HKD 6,100
5th King On Cheng – HKD 5,000