Tetsuya Tsuchikawa reigns at the High Rollers 1; Tomio Yoshimura wins the NLH 1

The APT Korea Incheon 2017 awarded two trophies today at Paradise City with Tetsuya Tsuchikawa winning the High Rollers 1 and Tomio Yoshimura claiming the No Limit Hold’em 1. Below is a recap on both of those events.

Tetsuya Tsuchikawa reigns at the High Rollers 1

The current APT Player of the Year 2017 leader, Tetsuya Tsuchikawa, just added another title to his name after defeating fellow countryman Tsuji Yasuyuki at the heads up round of the High Rollers 1 event. Tsuchikawa overcame a field of 19 players to capture the KRW 9,210,000 (USD 8,000 approx) first place purse and the APT event trophy.

High Rollers Champion, Tetsuya Tsuchikawa

The High Rollers 1 event was back at the felt today with only six players starting off the orbit. Suited up with a towering stack was Motoki Jinno while rest of the players had stacks that paled in comparison. By the time they reached the bubble round with four players battling for a spot in the money, the chip lead switched multiple times with everyone getting some time at the top.

Bubble Round

After several long rounds, the bubble finally burst with Jinno taking the hard fall. Jinno suffered two big hits before he was eliminated. On the first one, he called Tsuchikawa’s all in with A 8 and was up against 7 7. Tsuchikawa improved to a straight on a board of 8 J 6 10 9. The next one was another double up, this time to Yasuyuki who had 10 10 ahead of JInno’s A 7. The board landed 8 10 6 J J for a rockin’ full house to Yasuyuki. With barely any chips behind, Jinno was all in with J-8 and Tsuchikawa finished him off with his 4-4 set on a board of 2-J-10-4-3.

Three-handed Round

With the money now guaranteed, the final three had something new to gun for, the juicy first place cash. Tyler Tan drew first blood, doubling up through Tsuchikawa with his K-J full house against K-9 on a board of K-J-7-K-4. But despite Tan’s rise, it didn’t hold. Tsuchikawa went on a successful grinding spree, taking some of his chips back then Tan fell in in 3rd place at the hands of Yasuyuki. On a turn board of K 6 5 10, Yasuyuki shoved with 10 10 set and Tan called for his tournament life with K Q top pair. The river 2 was of no consequence.

Heads Up Round

The heads up round started off with Yasuyuki leading 3:2 in chips. It didn’t take long for Tsuchikawa to turn the tables and take the helm. The last hand of the event arrived with Yasuyuki all in holding A 9 and Tsuchikawa with K 10. The board spread out to K Q J A Q for a victorious straight to Tsuchikawa.

1st Tetsuya Tsuchikawa – Japan – KRW 9,210,000
2nd Tsuji Yasuyuki – Japan – KRW 5,530,000
3rd Tyler Tan – Singapore – KRW 3,690,000

Tomio Yoshimura wins the No Limit Hold’em 1

The final 8 players of the No Limit Hold’em 1 event returned today to battle it out for the lion share of the KRW 31,520,000 prize pool. Entering as the chip leader was Iori Yogo who navigated his way to the heads up round but in the end, he fell short of a second victory with Tomio Yoshimura taking it to the limit. Yoshimura was awarded the KRW 8,720,000 (USD 7,600 approx) first prize and the APT event trophy.

No Limit Hold’em 1 Champion, Tomio Yoshimura

The NLH 1 event picked up from yesterday’s bout with 65 entries dropping down to the last 8 players. At the onset, eliminations were difficult to come by. After a couple of rounds, the table finally loosened with Reo Hayano sent out in 8th place. He was joined by Takuya Matsuda in 7th place who faced pocket queens twice with his lower pocket pairs and failed to get past them.

At six players, it was another long grind with chips moving all around the table. Michiru Teranishi nailed the door shut on Paphawin Laodee in 6th place only to fall next in 5th place to the day’s entering shortest stack Loo Junzhong.

Speaking of Junzhong, he had around 12 big blinds at the start of the day, and after a couple of double ups, he was back in the game with enough chips to be a threat. Unfortunately for him, his rise took an abrupt turn with his pocket kings crushed by Yoshimura’s pocket queens that improved to a roaring quads. On the next hand, Junzhong was forced all in and Yoshimura sent him out in 4th place.

Taking 3rd was Shota Hirao who had a good run as well all day bringing up his stack and earning the chip leader’s seat at one time. Although Yoshimura is acknowledged for the bust out, it was Yogo who did the bigger job. Yogo crippled down Hirao to a fraction of the big blind with A-Q over K-Q then Yoshimura finished him off.

The heads up round began with Yoshimura ahead 2:1 in chips. In just a handful of deals, Yoshimura rose to victory, denying Yogo another trophy at the series. Yoshimura had A Q and Yogo with A J on a blank board of 7 8 3 10 5.

1st Tomio Yoshimura – Japan – KRW 8,720,000
2nd Iori Yogo – Japan – KRW 5,390,000
3rd Shota Hirao – Japan – KRW 3,940,000
4th Loo Junzhong – Malaysia – KRW 3,060,000
5th Michiru Teranishi – Japan – KRW 2,650,000
6th Paphawin Laodee – Thailand – KRW 2,300,000
7th Takuya Matsuda – Japan – KRW 1,800,000