Super Mario Wins APT Noumea 2017 Welcome Event

The first APT Noumea 2017 champion has been crowned! “Super” Mario Lau took down the two-day No Limit Holdem Welcome Event which saw a total of 89 entries take to the felt with the final table held on the second day for the race to the trophy.

APT Noumea 2017 Welcome Event Champion Super Mario Lau

The final table began with Olivier Pautaud on an aggressive mood after taking out 7th place finisher Jean-Michel Boulanger then Takahiro Honda in sixth place. It was inevitable that he would find himself in another big hand. Soon enough, Allain Petrague was all in with a call from Pautaud as the board showed 6 9 Q 10. Petrague turned over K 6 which was behind Pautaud’s 8 10. But the river J gave Petrague the straight and slow down Pautaud’s run.

It was then Super Mario’s turn as he began to make his moves. He first doubled up through Roger Pomarede when his pocket fives held up against A J on a board of  6 7 10 K 6 to bring him up to 225,000. Lau would then eliminate Pomarade soon after.

It was then no surprise to see Super Mario Lau against Olivier Pautaud at heads up for the trophy; with Lau having an almost 2:1 chip lead over Pautaud. Super Mario would then have all the chips in play after they were all in and his J 10 gave him a straight against Pautad’s K 5 after the board Q K 7 A A was dealt.

Action continues to heat up at the Casinos De Noumea with Day 2 of the Main Event Warm Up as Sebastian Burger currently holds top position with his stack of 222,000 among the 14 players returning today

Coming up today is one of the APT’s most popular tournaments – the Head Hunter bounty event which will be followed by the Main Event Mega Satellite tonight. Things will definitely get hotter as the APT Noumea 2017 Main Event kicks off tomorrow, October 23 19th at 1:30pm. For more details, check out the complete APT Noumea 2017 Info page