Speidel Wins APT Accredited Manny Pacquiao World Poker Event

Manny Pacquiao World Poker Event Champion:
Oliver Speidel

Australian Oliver Speidel has become the first APT Accredited Manny Pacquiao World Poker Event champion at Asia Poker Sports Club after completely dominating yesterday’s final table. Speidel came into the last day as the overall chip leader and never looked back, picking up PHP 2,202,000 in prize money while defeating Filipino Czardy Rivera in the heads up match.

A total of 148 entries were recorded in the PHP 50,000 buy-in 5-day event generating a prize pool of PHP 6,675,540. Speidel made his presence felt at the tables on Day 2 and came into the final table as the chip leader with a 480,000 stack.

Manny Pacquiao World Poker Event Final Table

A turning point in the final table came when Speidel four-bet shoved preflop with A J against the other big stack on the table, South African Conrad Coetzer. The bold move almost got Coetzer to lay down his hand but in the end he called with Q Q. However, a board of 3 A K A 6 saw Speidel get lucky with trip aces and gave him almost half of the chips in play at the table while eliminating the player who was his biggest threat at that time.

Speidel was responsible for railing five of his opponents at the final table before reaching his heads up match with Rivera holding 1,520,000 in chips versus Rivera’s 680,000. Rivera threw everything he had at his opponent but Speidel was able to sniff out some Rivera’s early bluffs. The final hand came when Rivera shoved with A 6 preflop and Speidel made the call with A J. The board delivered 2 7 3 2 10 to give Speidel the title and bust Rivera in second place for PHP 1,201,600.

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The other two side-events in the APT Accredited Manny Pacquiao World Poker Event schedule were won by Tetsuya Tsuchikawa for PHP 552,900 in the High Roller and Edgardo Ligon for PHP 126,000 in the Pot Limit Omaha event.

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