Sai Ho Philip Chiu ends Day 2 high above the pack; Kotone Tsuchiya wins a trophy; Monster Stack and WeLoveSport up next

The APT Championships Event Day 2 ended with a powerhouse lineup of players and ruling above them all was Hong Kong’s Sai Ho Philip Chiu with his incredibly huge stack of 736,000.

Sai Ho Philip Chiu

For those who may not be aware, Chiu recently placed 3rd at the Main Event and repeated the same impressive performance in Day 2. He stayed consistently high in the ranks until he railed Jingxuan Zhu with Q Q over A 2 to catapult his stack further away from the pack.

Finishing in second command was Malaysia’s Victor Chong with 486,000. Chong had a huge takedown of his own that helped drive his stack to those heights. Late in the day, he railed Phachara Wongwichit with K K set over A 10 top pair. He also eliminated China’s Xian Xiao, the day’s entering chip leader.

Throwing in a factoid for all you readers, Chong is hot on the hunt for the Championships Event title having finished one spot shy back in December.

Victor Chong

Rounding out the top three was Japan’s Masato Yokosawa with 441,000. Yokosawa had one of the most thrilling stories of Day 2. He was down to just 8 bbs at Level 12 then three rounds later, he was high commander after shipping in a monstrous double up against Wang Meng.

Masato Yokosawa

During the hand, there was plenty of aggressive action between the two that led to the shoves on the turn K J 8 J. Yokosawa had an unbeatable K K full house over Meng’s A 6 draw that completed on the river 3 but still behind.

Speaking of Meng, his tale was one worth sharing. After losing to Yokosawa, he was down to 3 bbs and went all in three consecutive times. The result? A triple up then two double ups. And just like that, he was back in the game. He bagged up the 5th highest stack of 406,000 just below Hong Kong pro Danny Tang with 411,000.

Also making it through Day 2 was decorated APT Main Event champion, Chinese pro Dong Guo. Guo kept a steady pace all day, always above average stack. He bagged up 350,000.

Dong Guo

Day 2 ended with China’s Jin Tian as the apple of everyone’s eye, everyone except Tso Wei that is. Tian railed Wei as the bubble with her 10 10 besting A 8 on a board of 3 3 7 8 2. She bagged up 333,000.

Bubble bursts!

In addition to the players mentioned above, other notables in the list were Michael Soyza, Sparrow Cheung, Yuri Ishida, and a couple of the day’s entering chip leaders, Jin Qiang Shi and Shi Zhikui.


On the flip side of things, many notable pros fell flat on the pavement. Both decorated APT champions Iori Yogo and recent winner Hung Sheng Lin were among those casualties. Other Asian pros were Aditya Agarwal, Tetsuya Tsuchikawa, Kosei Ichinose, Bobby Zhang, Alan King Lun Lau, En Ching Wu, and Can Lin Chen. 

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The APT Macau Championships 2018 ongoing at Macau Billionaire Poker in Babylon Casino saw 50 players return to the felt for Day 2. Late registration was open for one level. Another 19 signed up to bring the total entries up to 108 and the prize pool to a hefty HKD 2,095,200. The eventual winner will be pocketing the largest cut of HKD 509,400 and the exclusive APT Championship Ring. 

The final 18 players will return tomorrow for Day 3 at 1pm. Players will race to a Final 8 berth. They will restart Level 17 blinds 4000-8000 ante 1K with the clock at 55:00 and ticking down. Average stack is 300,000 with 5,400,000 total chips in play.

Kotone Tsuchiya wins the Deep Stack Turbo 2

Another turbo event stormed in concluding during the wee hours of the night. The Japanese commanded the Final 5 with Kotone Tsuchiya claiming her first APT trophy. She overcame the 62-entry field to ship in the HKD 25,600 first place cash. 

Top 5 payouts
Prize pool: HKD 90,200 – Buy-in HKD 1,650 – 11 paid
1st Kotone Tsuchiya – Japan – HKD 25,600
2nd Tomio Yoshimura – Japan – HKD 17,000
3rd Ko Isayama – Japan – HKD 11,800
4th Yoichi Uesugi – Japan – HKD 8,500
5th Yuta Kushishiki – Japan – HKD 6,400 

Added note, Macau’s Chi Fai Chong aka Gostinho also cashed in, finishing in 10th place. This is his 3rd cash of the series with a victory at the APT Japan Corp event. 


As we enter the penultimate day of the series, we bring you two of our most enjoyable and highly popular events, the Monster Stack and the Deep Stack Turbo. 

15:00: Monster Stack (this is a scheduled 2-day event), buy-in HKD 5,500

18:00: Deep Stack Turbo, buy-in HKD 1,650

Full APT Macau Championships 2018 schedule