Rising Sun: Tan Leads 63 Survivors from Day 1B in Record Field in Cebu

The story of the day was how another Cebu record was broken and the hero of this narrative is Malaysia’s Sun Tan who bested a huge field of 168 runners who came out to play in Day 1B of the APT Asian Series Cebu 2014 Main Event at the All-In Poker Club in Cebu, Philippines.

Tan had 228,700 in chips and is the leader among the 111 survivors from the original 299 entries who registered for the event. The figure is the highest for any APT Asian Series Cebu main event.

Sun Tan leads field of 111 players into Day 2 of the Main Event

A total of 48 players advanced from Day 1A and 63 from Day 1B. The main event prize pool is at PHP 13,341,000 with a lion’s share of PHP 3,235,000 going to the eventual APT champion.

It was actually a two-headed battle for the chip-lead in the final two levels of Day 1B between Tan and Mike Takayama of the Philippines. While Tan continued to add to his big stack, Takayama faltered a bit and dropped to around 174,200 for second place in Day 1B.

Completing the top ten entering Day 2 of action are Day 1A chip leader Czardy Earl Rivera (Philippines) with 140,500; George Jason Rankin (United Kingdom) with 130,100; Jun Yeob Song (South Korea) with 117,700; Euryd Rivera (Philippines) with 109,100; Azusa Maeda (Japan) with 106,700; Bernadette Fitch (Australia) with 104,700; and Ryan Yu (Canada) with 102,540.

Other notable pros who have survived and have considerable stacks are Do Hoang Anh (Vietnam) with 101,000; Lester Edoc (Philippines) with 99,200; Linh Tran (Canada) with 92,100; Bryan Huang (Singapore) with 85,200; Michael Mariakis (Australia) with 80,900; Jav Medina (Philippines) with 80,500 and Charles Chua (79,200).

Still alive but with below average chip stacks are Kosei Ichinose (Japan) with 44,800; Samad Razavi (United Kingdom) with 40,000; Martin Corpuz (Philippines) with 35,300; Ben Abrahams (Thailand) with 34,000; Jun Saito (Japan) with 22,700; and Martin Gonzales (Philippines) with 22,500.

Day 2 of the main event is set at 1 p.m. on Monday. Also happening on the same day is the Fulpot Poker No Limit Hold’em with PHP 16,500 buy-in at 3:00 p.m. and the Pot Limit Omaha Turbo with PHP 5,500 buy-in at 6 p.m. For full details, check the APT Asian Series Cebu 2014 Events page.