Razavi Shoots to Top Spot of APT POY After Head Hunter Win

Back-to-back APT Player of the Year Sam Razavi is on track on keeping his word of making it to the top of the 2014 APT POY race by the end of the APT Asian Series Cambodia.

Razavi shot back to the top of the 2014 APT Player of the Year rankings after winning the 103-entry Head Hunter tournament. During the late stages of the final table, talks began about a possible chop resulting in an even split of points among the remaining players. It was then obvious that Sam would not agree to such a move.

When asked why he was after the points, Razavi simply remarked, “Glory!”

Sam Razavi back to the #1 POY spot as he receives his Head Hunter trophy

In addition to the US$ 4,080 and his own bounty, Razavi got 300 POY points shooting him past the Philippines’ Euryd Rivera. The next few days may see movements in the race with several events still left to be played.

The APT Asian Series Cambodia 2014 continues with Day 1A of the US$ 1,100 Main Event along with the US$ 220 No Limit Hold’em 1 and Last Chance Mega Satellite. For more info, check out the complete APT Asian Series Cambodia Event Details