Randy Boone Bags the APT Poker Room Inaugural Tournament

Canadian player Randy Boone has just won the APT Poker Room Inaugural Tournament! Boone entered the final table as the overwhelming chip leader here at the Casino Filipino, Waterfront Manila Pavilion, and despite the many attempts by his fellow tablemates to shave down his stack, Boone proved to be too tough to beat.

On a quick interview with the champion, Boone had this to say about the event, “It’s a great tournament, a lot of fun, great value, nice room, nice staff, and it’s no smoking…. This is the first time I’ve played the APT, and I won a ticket so I will be playing that event.”

APT Poker Room Inaugural Event Champion, Randy Boone

Boone started the day the same as how he left off in Day 2. He quickly increased his stack by eliminating short stacked player Rommel Angeles. From then on, he controlled his stack which dipped a bit at times but not below 1.7 million at any point of the tournament. When the field compressed down to 3 players, Boone was looking at a very healthy stack of 3.1 million but had to be careful against Emmanuel Segismundo. Segismundo was running hot with several takedowns that brought his stack up to 2.4 million.

But then it happened, both Boone and Segismundo found themselves in a preflop battle that resulted in an all in by both players. This generated a massive pot of 4.4 million with Boone still sitting with another 1 million behind. When their hole cards were revealed, Segismundo was looking good with A A while Boone was in a world of hurt with his 8 8. With the board running 5 2 6, Segismundo kept his lead, as well as on the turn of K, but when the river slapped an 8, Boone landed a lucky 2-outer set, delivering Segismundo a very sick bad beat. Segismundo gracefully bowed out in 3rd place and Boone was shipped a monstrous pile of chips.

With 6.5 million chips in play, the heads up round began with Boone holding a dominating 5:1 chip lead against Justin Geronimo. Geronimo searched for spots to chip up however Boone kept the pace slow, choosing not to make any big moves while patiently and successfully chipping away at Geronimo’s stack. When Geronimo was down to 740,000 chips, Geronimo moved all in and Boone snap-called. Boone had A J versus Geronimo’s K 10. With the board running 5 Q 4 Q 2, Boone reigned victorious and earned himself PHP104,500, the first trophy awarded at the APT Poker Room Manila, plus a Main Event seat to the APT Philippines 2015 worth $2,200.

Canada’s Randy Boone Receives a Trophy and Limited Edition Shirt For Winning the First APT Poker Room Manila Event

Congratulations to Randy Boone for winning the APT Poker Room Inaugural Tournament and thank you to everyone who joined us for the first event of the APT Poker Room Manila!

Final Table Payouts

1st – Randy Boone PHP104,500 + $2,200 APT Philippines 2015 Main Event Seat
2nd – Justin Geronimo PHP59,800 + $770 seat to an APT event
3rd – Emmanuel Hernandez PHP40,300 + $550 seat to an APT event
4th – Dave Erquiaga PHP28,400 + $440 seat to an APT event
5th – Martin Gonzales PHP22,900 + $440 seat to an APT event
6th – Jose Padilla PHP18,200 + $440 seat to an APT event
7th – Domingo Ylanan PHP14,400 + $275 seat to an APT event
8th – Kristian Faering PHP11,400 + $165 seat to an APT event
9th – Abraham Ang PHP9,300 + $165 seat to an APT event
10th – Rommel Angeles PHP7,800 + $165 seat to an APT event