Race to the Main Event championship title! Dilip Menon wins NLH and Jun Saito captures second trophy

We are down to the penultimate day of the APT Southeast Asia 2017 here at the DNA Star Vegas Resort & Club in Poipet, Cambodia. Today’s main feature is the Final Day of the APT Main Event with the last 8 players returning for the race to the first-ever APT Southeast Asia Main Event championship title. The eventual winner will receive the USD 19,380 purse, and the APT Championship Ring. Running alongside are two fun-filled side events, the Tilt King Monster Stack and Super Deep Stack Turbo.

APT Main Event Final Day

Yesterday’s Day 2 action saw 27 remaining players out of the 50 entrants of the Main Event slug it out for a seat in the final round. Finishing at the top of the heap with an enormous stack of 384,800 was Malaysian pro Aik Chuan. He holds the torch coming into today’s last stand. Entering in second position is China’s Liu Yi with a huge stack as well of 307,000 in chips. With an average stack of 156,263, they are the only two players above the range. Only five players will live to see the money round.

Here are the last 8 contenders for the first-ever APT Southeast Asia 2017 Main Event championship title.

Final Table (by chip count)
Aik Chuan – Malaysia – 384,800
Liu Yi – China – 307,000
Sam Ng –  Malaysia – 143,600
Mitsuru Sano – Japan – 137,100
Tetsuya Tsuchikawa – Japan – 93,900
Paphawin Laodee – Thailand – 75,000
Hailong Huang – 65,400
Daniel Tan – 42,400

You can read up on all the action in our Live Updates page. Cards will be in the air at 1pm.

Side Events Today

Tilt King Monster Stack
Buy-in: USD 440
Starting time: 2pm
Starting stack: 30,000
Starting blinds: 25-50
Blinds duration: increases every 30 minutes

Super Deep Stack Turbo
Buy-in: USD 110
Starting time: 6pm
Starting stack: 20,000
Starting blinds: 25-25
Blinds duration: increases every 20 minutes

APT Southeast Asia 2017schedule

Side Events results

India’s Dilip Menon wins the No Limit Hold’em event

No Limit Hold’em Champion, Dilip Menon

The No Limit Hold’em was the first side event to grace the floor yesterday with 30 players getting in the action. With a buy-in of USD 330, the prize pool amounted to USD 8,730 with first place earning the biggest portion of USD 3,750. Although we weren’t able to focus on the action, the final heads up round saw India’s Dilip Menon go head-to-head against Taiwan’s Po Chun Wen. Menon had a significant 4:1 chip lead entering the last bout and despite Wen staging a decent comeback, Menon still kept the Taiwanese at bay.

The final hand saw both players all in on a flop of 9 2 Q. Menon had top pair with 9 7 and Wen with 6 3 flush draw. The turn 2 and river 6 were good for Menon to stay ahead for his first-ever APT event victory.

1st Dilip Menon – India – USD 3,750
2nd Po Chun Wen – Taiwan – USD 2,350
3rd Kengo Ohashi – Japan – USD 1,500
4th Andy Asihward – Canada – USD 1,130

Japan’s Jun Saito wins the Deep Stack Turbo for a second series trophy

Deep Stack Turbo Champion, Jun Saito

Japan’s Jun Saito has just joined China’s Hailong Huang in the double titleholder status of the series. A few days ago, Saito won the Ante Up for Charity event for his first trophy and last night, he overcame a field of 45 players at the No Limit Hold’em event to capture his second title of the series.

1st Jun Saito – Japan – USD 1,740
2nd Li-Wei Wang – China – USD 1,100
3rd: Paphawin Laodee – Thailand – USD 650
4th: Hisashi Ogi – Japan – USD 480
5th: Yating Wang – China – USD 390