NLH P500K Gtd and Deep Stack Turbo 2 today! Lin, Abdulla, and Takayama bag trophies

The Asian Poker Tour Poker Weekend Series Manila 2016 continues with more poker in store at the APT Poker Room in the Waterfront Manila Pavilion Hotel & Casino. Today will see two exciting events take the floor, the NLH P500,000 Guaranteed and the Deep Stack Turbo 2.

The first side event of the day is the NLH P500,000 Guaranteed which gets underway with its first flight at 1pm. The format for this event is exactly like the opening event of the series with two qualifying heats to get into tomorrow’s final day. The second flight begins at 5pm this afternoon. Buy-in is P3,300 with unlimited re-entries until the end of round six.

The next side event kicks off at 6pm, the Deep Stack Turbo 2. Buy-in is P5,500 also with unlimited re-entries until the end of round six. These DST events are highly popular with lots of action all throughout due to the rapidity of the blinds.

Yesterday was a big day for the series with Korea’s John Kim crowned the newest APT Main Event champion after defeating the first weekend series champion, Japan’s Gerard Bringley, at the heads up round. There were also other players who claimed trophies, winning their respective side events.

Monster Stack Champion, Hung-Sheng Lin

At the two-day Monster Stack event, there were 10 players out of the 48 entries who returned for their final battle. Rising to the top was Taiwan’s Hung Sheng Lin who defeated Vietnam’s William Kang at the heads up round. Lin won the PhP372,500 first place cash prize along with his first trophy of the series.

Open Face Chinese Pineapple Champion, Ceesvin Abdulla

At the Open Face Chinese Pineapple, Singapore’s Ceesvin Abdulla overcame a big deficit at the heads up round against Filipino Geraldine Larga to capture his second trophy of the festival. Abdulla won the PhP122,000 first place cash and the event trophy. There were 24 players who entered this event for a total prize pool of PhP349,000.

Deep Stack Turbo 1 Champion, Mike Takayama

The Deep Stack Turbo 1 was claimed by one of the country’s pros, Mike Takayama. He overcame a field of 87 players to claim a nice chunk out of the PhP421,900 total prize pool. Takayama earned PhP114,800 in cold hard cash and the event trophy.

Just as an added tidbit, UK’s Samad Razavi, the reigning four-time APT Player of the Year champion 2012-2015, is on a quest to bridge the gap between him and the leading player in the APT POY 2016 race, Japan’s Iori Yogo. Razavi  cashed in two of the side events today. We are keeping a very close eye on this exciting race and will have more updates as soon as the festival wraps up. Yogo is currently ahead by a healthy margin of nearly 600 points.

There are daily highlights of the festival in the APT YouTube channel. You can also watch the action of some of the events and the Main Event final 8 right there. If you need more information on the series, head to the event page in our website.